I don’t particularly like diet soda. It doesn’t bother my system any, but my taste buds like the heavier stuff with sugar in it. However, I will occasionally have some diet beverages in my house if guests come, and if I have some left over after they have left, I can get rid of it by mixing it half-and-half with the regular version of the | Read More »

    COBRA: A Real American Hero

    A part of the Health Care debate has been completely overlooked. Hell, I even noticed that Glenn Beck didn’t even mention this in his book. One of the biggest points that progressives make in making the case for ObamaCare is that when you are fired or leave your job, you will lose your health care insurance. Next time you hear this nonsense, you can tell | Read More »

    ObamaCare: Pay to Pray??

    Utah (R) Senator Orrin Hatch and Massachusetts (D) Senator John Kerry are working with the Church of Science (and others) to find a way to incorporate into the Senate’s version of ObamaCare reimbursement for prayer. That’s right.  If they’re successful, and ObamaCare passes (which in itself may not have a prayer!), tax dollars will go to “spiritual advisors” who pray for your healing. So now | Read More »

    Gun Owners of America takes stand against Obamacare

    As if to add emphasis of the vast spectrum of people pushing back against this unconstitutional powergrab by the liberal establishment in Washington, Gun Owners of America, the second largest Second Amendment group in the country – behind only the NRA- is distributing the facts and talking points on Obamacare to it’s entire membership! This is great news, as it represents a way to sidestep | Read More »

    ObamaCare Makes Me Sick?

    One of the basic precepts carried through our nation’s history is that the majority rules in a democracy, protecting the rights of the minority, but reflecting the people’s will. A Republic elects representatives to focus the will of the people. Currently, the people have spoken to the extent that 56% are virulently opposed to government intervention in basic life and death decisions, like health care. | Read More »

    Obama approval index falls to -15

    Rasmussen reports Obama’s Presidential Approval Index fell to -15. Another record low. Rasmussen’s Obama Approval Index has now been in negative double digits for nine straight days. Last week the index stood at the previous record low, -14, for three consecutive days. According to Rasmussen, support for the Democrats’ Obamacare has fallen to a new low of 38%. Sixty percent of voters believe passage of | Read More »

    Call it Fannie Med

    John Stossel has a  great post about how ObamaCare can’t possibly work despite the delusions of the left. 1) How can the government subsidize the purchase of medical services without driving up prices? Econ 101 teaches — without controversy — that when demand goes up, if other things remain equal, price goes up. The politicians want to have their cake and eat it, too. 2) | Read More »



    It was only last April 3rd, that Obama declared to the bank CEOs : “Be careful… My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” As the Senate conspires today to jam Obamacare down our throats, I call again to all able bodied men and women that we need to up the grassroots ante now! Tea Parties got us together and woke | Read More »

    On Liberty and Mammograms

    Interesting article from, of all places, the New York Times today regarding the “double-edged sword” of regular screening for breast and cervical cancer in women. Basically, the argument is that sometimes increased or too frequent testing can have harmful effects on women while too infrequent screenings may lead to missed indications of the onset of malignancy. This is the point dear readers. Information is good. | Read More »

    Get to Work: Contact Your Senators. TODAY!

    From the diaries, by Erick. Call 202-224-3121 right now. People. Today should be a busy day since the Statists have once again scheduled a cowardly, nightime, weekend vote on healthcare. Contact your Senators today urging them to vote ‘No’ tomorrow night to even begin debate. We can kill this thing tomorrow night if they can’t get 60 votes. I just sent this to Senator Webb | Read More »

    Short-Circuiting ObamaCare at the State Level

    George Will has a good one today at WaPo talking about how States might potentially head-off any Federal incursion into their own health care systems. It’s not easy, but basically the plan would be for the State’s to enact Amendments to their own Constitutions guaranteeing that private choice in medical care shall not be infringed nor penalties imposed for failing to obtain coverage. Will recounts an | Read More »

    Blinded by the Right

    Liberals use a process of vilification of the right to avoid meaningful dialog of issues.

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    Government Panel decides on the very 1st rationing for women…

    Sarah Palin WARNED of “death” panels but it actually is “dying” panels. A Government Panel has decided that women from the age of 40-50 NO LONGER need mammograms I don’t see the REVIEW on a Man’s early detection test I certainly don’t want either men or women being DENIED an early detection test by health insurance companies based on a Government panels suggestion and yet | Read More »

    No Death Panels? Robert Reich to the (Grim Reaper’s) Rescue

    We’ve all heard of death bed conversions, but a leading liberal luminary has been caught on tape making a death panel confession. Sarah Palin got pilloried for suggesting that government-run healthcare would lead to “death panels.” But in a 2007 speech at the University of California at Berkeley, former Clinton Labor Secretary and Obama economics advisor Robert B. Reich essentially admitted that Palin was right. | Read More »

    Debate begins

    The Senate is set to begin debate this week on Obamacare. The fine print of the House bill, passed with one Republican vote has been examined and the prognosis for the nations’ fiscal health is dire. The non-partisan Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services released a report on Friday detailing what becomes of our health care delivery system if this legislation becomes law. Short version, | Read More »