A Kennedy Tries To Tell The Bishops How To Be Catholic

    For all their protestations to the contrary, liberals have an awful habit of trying to tell people of faith, notably the Catholic Church, what their faith means and how it should apply in the political sphere. If you can stomach the irony, let’s take a look at the latest example of this genre, an opinion piece in the Politico by Robert Kennedy’s daughter, former Maryland | Read More »

    You’re a “Partisan Ally”…Get used to it.

    I’m conflicted on which way to go with this: As we head into the final stretch on health reform, big insurance company lobbyists and their partisan allies hope that their relentless attacks and millions of dollars can intimidate us into accepting the status quo. So I have a message for them, from all of us: Not this time. We have come too far. We will | Read More »

    Harry Reid Has a Problem: Nevada Doesn’t Want Obamacare

    Harry Reid has a problem.  According to a poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a majority of Nevadans are opposed to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid health care nationalization effort. President Barack Obama has lost ground in the last month in getting Nevadans to embrace his health care reform package and, for the first time, opposition is above 50 percent and support is below 40 percent, a | Read More »

    Uh Oh

    We may have just been screwed over on health care reform by the so-called ‘conservative’ democrats once again, and maybe a couple Republicans too. The libtards online are all in a kerfluffle over a ‘compromise’ (I say that in quotes because its really even more intrusive) that would drop the words ‘public option’ in exchange for massively jacking up government intrusion into your private health | Read More »


    A Real Jobs Summit

    The Competitive Enterprise Institute is swiftly becoming the lead pipe-swinger in the defense of U.S. Capitalism. First they file an intent to sue NASA over their failure to comply with FOI Act demands for ClimateGate documents and now their suit to have Sarbanes-Oxley declared unconstitutional is three short days away from being heard before the Supreme Court. I may have to check this one out | Read More »

    To Create Jobs, First Do No Harm

    The unemployment numbers for November were just released and Wall Street is chearing that only 11,000 Americans lost their jobs. The news media will no doubt be trumpeting the success of President Obama’s job summit. I can just see a gleeful Brian Williams informing America that “only one day after his job summit President Obama has turned the economy around”. The sad truth is that | Read More »


    I don’t particularly like diet soda. It doesn’t bother my system any, but my taste buds like the heavier stuff with sugar in it. However, I will occasionally have some diet beverages in my house if guests come, and if I have some left over after they have left, I can get rid of it by mixing it half-and-half with the regular version of the | Read More »

    COBRA: A Real American Hero

    A part of the Health Care debate has been completely overlooked. Hell, I even noticed that Glenn Beck didn’t even mention this in his book. One of the biggest points that progressives make in making the case for ObamaCare is that when you are fired or leave your job, you will lose your health care insurance. Next time you hear this nonsense, you can tell | Read More »

    ObamaCare: Pay to Pray??

    Utah (R) Senator Orrin Hatch and Massachusetts (D) Senator John Kerry are working with the Church of Science (and others) to find a way to incorporate into the Senate’s version of ObamaCare reimbursement for prayer. http://www.mercurynews.com/politics-government/ci_13871576 That’s right.  If they’re successful, and ObamaCare passes (which in itself may not have a prayer!), tax dollars will go to “spiritual advisors” who pray for your healing. So now | Read More »

    Gun Owners of America takes stand against Obamacare

    As if to add emphasis of the vast spectrum of people pushing back against this unconstitutional powergrab by the liberal establishment in Washington, Gun Owners of America, the second largest Second Amendment group in the country – behind only the NRA- is distributing the facts and talking points on Obamacare to it’s entire membership! This is great news, as it represents a way to sidestep | Read More »

    ObamaCare Makes Me Sick?

    One of the basic precepts carried through our nation’s history is that the majority rules in a democracy, protecting the rights of the minority, but reflecting the people’s will. A Republic elects representatives to focus the will of the people. Currently, the people have spoken to the extent that 56% are virulently opposed to government intervention in basic life and death decisions, like health care. | Read More »

    Obama approval index falls to -15

    Rasmussen reports Obama’s Presidential Approval Index fell to -15. Another record low. Rasmussen’s Obama Approval Index has now been in negative double digits for nine straight days. Last week the index stood at the previous record low, -14, for three consecutive days. According to Rasmussen, support for the Democrats’ Obamacare has fallen to a new low of 38%. Sixty percent of voters believe passage of | Read More »

    Call it Fannie Med

    John Stossel has a  great post about how ObamaCare can’t possibly work despite the delusions of the left. 1) How can the government subsidize the purchase of medical services without driving up prices? Econ 101 teaches — without controversy — that when demand goes up, if other things remain equal, price goes up. The politicians want to have their cake and eat it, too. 2) | Read More »



    It was only last April 3rd, that Obama declared to the bank CEOs : “Be careful… My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.” http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0409/20871.html As the Senate conspires today to jam Obamacare down our throats, I call again to all able bodied men and women that we need to up the grassroots ante now! Tea Parties got us together and woke | Read More »

    On Liberty and Mammograms

    Interesting article from, of all places, the New York Times today regarding the “double-edged sword” of regular screening for breast and cervical cancer in women. Basically, the argument is that sometimes increased or too frequent testing can have harmful effects on women while too infrequent screenings may lead to missed indications of the onset of malignancy. This is the point dear readers. Information is good. | Read More »