The Premiere of “V” on ABC November 3rd: The First Major Crack in MSM ObamaMania

    The popular culture sometimes gives signals about a society’s trends: apocalyptic movies appear during times of stress, like right now with the War On Terror. Tonight the premiere of a new version of a science-fiction series from over 20 years ago on ABC (?!!!?) contains elements of satirical criticism against the cult of MAObama! If there were no market for such a series, you can | Read More »

    Found Truth: North Korea is Pro-Obama

    Of course the peace loving, pacifists of the Peoples Republic of Korea only want the very best for America and would NEVER do anything to provoke hostilities. On Martian Luther King day 2009 several pieces of pro-Obama art was given to the US Ambassador to South Korea. Included in that gift was this drawing which really sums up the opinion of our enemies.

    Using Obama sex to sell the New York Times

    The mainstream media’s Obamamania reaches a new, much lower, level. The New York Times “Domestic Disturbances” blogger, Judith Warner, writes about dreams of illicit sex with President Obama – not just hers, but also a number of her female friends: The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my | Read More »

    The Obama Font

    You can buy any number of items adorned with the visage of The One. But really, if you fashion yourself an Obamaniac your collection of commemorative plates, coins or recycled purses can never be complete without the open type font, 44th President.   Also available at

    The End of an Era.

    From the AJC Coca-Cola Co. said Friday (1/30) it plans to drop the “Classic” tag from its top-selling soda — providing a final chapter to the New Coke debacle.   This change of course is after the 3429th Pepsi Logo change  offering a H/T to Obamamania.   And what would a "Coke Classic" post be without some ’80’s music. Those were the days.

    Obama in Berlin

    Am I the only one flashing back to old black and white newsreels of thousands marching and saluting in Berlin? If this had taken place at night we might have seen the ghosts of torchlights. How quickly we forget. I just hope the Israelis have not forgotten “Never Again”.