Using Obama sex to sell the New York Times

    The mainstream media’s Obamamania reaches a new, much lower, level. The New York Times “Domestic Disturbances” blogger, Judith Warner, writes about dreams of illicit sex with President Obama – not just hers, but also a number of her female friends: The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my | Read More »

    From Messiah To Prince Of Peace To Divinity… All In One Road Trip

    Jesus and Obama…together in a group photo with a couple OTHER interesting folks… Can we recall a time not so long ago when the big hullaballoo was made over Huckabee’s allegedly intentional religion-based subliminal imagery? I sure do…the collective hair of the Democrats went into spontaneous combustion. Ol’ Huck had lots of splainin’ to do, as I recall, and all this over a book shelf | Read More »

    The Unofficial 2008 Democratic Presidential Campaign Song

    They are broadcasting this sound:Obama saves! Obama saves!Squelch his flip-flopping around:Obama saves! Obama saves!Bear the news throughout the land,Across papers and TV waves;The MSM now doth command;Obama saves! Obama saves! The liberals now agree:Obama saves! Obama saves!Druids rub their hands in glee:Obama saves! Obama saves!Sing, Pelosi, Harry Reid;Oprah, Gore and Hillary?!;McCaskill joins in accolades:Obama saves! Obama saves! Sing above the battle strife:Obama saves! Obama saves!of | Read More »