Obamacare and the GOP Leadership

    The GOP leadership has spent many precious moments in front of the American people telling us that Obamacare is a train wreck. What they have failed to do is explain why. Many progressives have said that Ted Cruz was engaging in Kabuki Theater with his marathon speech and offered nothing more. Sadly a few Republicans and right leaning pundits joined in. But this isn’t true. | Read More »

    The Roberts Rule, consequences

    For most, the majority I see are too caught up in their personal lives to care much or to know. They do not know Justice John Roberts, the function of the Supreme Court and care much beyond, that is over there thus it does not concern me over here. You may see them occasionally caught on camera or know them personally, they do not know | Read More »

    Strange Bed Fellows

    It is interesting how, politics can make strange bed fellows. We are witnessing the growth of true Bipartisanship. This is truly what Mr. Obama had promised in his campaign for President. The Obamacare push has gone to such an extreme, has so polarized the nation , the Senate and the House, that we are seeing a fundamental breakdown of the line that separates the two(only | Read More »

    Anthony Kennedy may decide the fate of ObamaCare, America, Liberty

    Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s special, senatorial, election in Massachusetts, Hussein the Usurper will have his ObamaCare bill. Whether it is by super majority, reconciliation, or executive order, the current occupant of the White House will attempt to subjugate America with the shackles of international Marxism. Elections have consequences and such is the price America will pay for electing the most nefarious Fifth columnist | Read More »