Excuse me, but…

    We keep hearing the supporters of Obamacare (the Obamunists?) tell us about how they are going to “save” 500 billion dollars by reductions to Medicare spending. Here are the exact words (no kidding) of Democratic Representative Betsy Markey of Colorado: “Some people, including Medicare recipients, will have to give up some current benefits to truly reform the nation’s health-care system”, Rep. Betsy Markey told a | Read More »

    Fight Back Now

    We are being hit by a double whammy, which apparently is Obama’s style. His preferred way of doing business is to rush critical legislation through before our “Representatives” have a chance to read it. Right now, we have the disastrous “Cap and Trade” legislation scheduled for a vote today or tomorrow. And right behind it we have the equally disastrous Socialized Medicine bill coming along. | Read More »

    The Real Lesson of Iran

    The principal lesson to be learned from the demonstrations in Iran today is very simple: they are demonstrations of popular unhappiness with the government, but nothing more. They represent virtually no threat to the status quo. “Why not?” you ask? Because unarmed people, no matter how motivated, cannot wrest power from armed police and armed militia! This is a lesson all too well known to | Read More »

    So, what does Obama NOT want you paying attention to?!?!

    Pay no attention to what is happening, we (Obama Administration) want you to focus on the “Hysterical” … oops, I mean, of course, “Historical” (read: RACE-baiting Identity Politics+, which isn’t new for Democrats/Liberals) Latina/Hispanic SCOTUS pick (not really+, maybe and maybe not, read on to discover why, but don’t expect the MSM to bother to provide any Facts)…. This is about “their side” the ObamAgenda, | Read More »