The Cause of Journalistic Malpractice

    As a journalist, I should be appalled by what the D.C. Press Corps does daily. It’s unthinkable that a profession bent on truth and informing the public could swoon so hard for a politician. Or a party in general. But they do and it sucks. Rush Limbaugh calls it malpractice. I tend to agree with him on that point. Ideologically speaking, I shouldn’t exist. I | Read More »

    Electoral Map preview, Monday 11/3

    With the mainstream media no longer being a reliable source for objective information, here’s my read on the election. The below uses actual data, as we do in the scientific world, rather than liberal subjective bias. Here’s my personal electoral map. McCain will have to run a tough course to get there, but its not out of the realm of possibility: In case that | Read More »

    Has the press seen the light?

    The press went more than a little nuts for about a week and a half, then realized that they were making fools of themselves and just as abruptly stopped in the past couple of days. They didn’t get more objective, however, they just stop being hysterical about it. They went back to where they were before it all started, not blatant but subtly slanted to | Read More »