BREAKING: CR to Pass Senate Without Drilling Ban

    A Senate source tells me that tomorrow the Senate will pass a continuing resolution without continuing the outer continental shelf drilling ban.

    It’s Time For the “Do Nothing” Congress to Do Nothing

    In thirteen days, the moratorium on exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) in the United States will be lifted. This will allow companies to begin to explore for our own resources, instead of relying on other countries, especially those that are using the money to further the interests of terrorism. We can produce our own oil right here. We can even become an exporting | Read More »

    Say it ain’t so John McCain….

    Just in from the Corner at the National Review Don’t Do It [Stephen Spruiell] I’m hearing disconcerting rumors that McCain is planning to endorse the so-called Gang of 20 energy legislation. That would be a huge mistake. In terms of its effect on the conservative base, supporting the Gang of 20’s energy bill would be like McCain pouring a big bucket of cold water on | Read More »

    Did I hear somebody say ANWR? — a map of AK, ANWR, and OCS fields

    If it is Palin, and by all accounts it is, it moves domestic drilling, gas, and energy to the FRONT burner and it will dominate all campaigning and all debating. And with that in mind, I have a couple of pictures that I got from the office of my Congressman — the Honorable US Representative Joe Barton of Texas. We hear about ANWR, we hear | Read More »

    Rep. Charles Boustany (R-LA) Joins House Energy Revolt

    Dear Friends, Today I returned to the House Floor in Washington, D.C., calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, to reconvene the House to vote on meaningful energy legislation. Gas prices continue to squeeze family budgets, this is what I heard across Southwest Louisiana. Congress can act to help lower the cost of gas and diesel, but the Speaker and Washington Democrats refuse any reasonable | Read More »

    Offshore Energy 101: 68,000,000 Acres Revisited

    Based on this map (which, by the way, is two years old), does it look to you like the oil and gas industry has not been aggressively exploring the deepwater Gulf of Mexico? That’s where a big chunk of the 68 million acres of non-producing Federal oil and gas leases are located. Even the Washington Post recognizes the fallacy of counting non-producing leases: deepwater tracts | Read More »

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    The Polar Bears Aren’t Drowning – Yet

    Reports of the demise of the Arctic icepack apparently have been greatly exaggerated. A three ship Canadian exploration fleet got stuck in the ice off Pt. Barrow, Alaska yesterday. The Anchorage Daily News story is here: Unlike we silly Americans, our socialist neighbors to the north, my east, actually explore, drill, and even mine natural resouces – they even cut trees! When you fly | Read More »

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    Why We Must Expand Drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf

    “Why don’t we just go drill the 86 billions of barrels we know we have?!” So goes the argument for expanding drilling in the OCS (or in ANWR, or any other unexplored basin, for that matter) – as if there is an existing inventory of “proved reserves” just waiting to be exploited. The problem is, many of the places where those 86 billion barrels supposedly | Read More »

    What Happens When You Move Oil in Boats and Barges…

    The catastrophic spill occurred early Wednesday after a 600-foot Liberian-flagged tanker named The Tintomara collided with a barge being pulled by a tugboat near the Harvey Locks. The barge — which was carrying 400,000 gallons of thick, tar-like No. 6 fuel oil — was split in half, sending its contents into the river. As a result, the Mississippi River is shut down to boat traffic | Read More »

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