Production Platform Explodes in the Gulf

    A production platform has exploded in the Gulf, in shallow water west of the BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig that blew up in April. Today’s explosion occured at about 9:30 AM CT. All thirteen people on the platform have reportedly been rescued. Details remain sketchy and it is unclear if there is any oil leaking at the site. The platform is owned by Texas based Mariner | Read More »

    B. Hussein’s “Executive” orders

    The Obamatons, I suspect, will not care, nor even know, what an executive order is. But rest assured, we will. As another arrow in our quiver, we should utilize these fiats to inform principled leaders to have more issues to run on in 2010 (and ’12). And we should keep a list of them handy. Obama’s Executive Orders Not that these orders should be the | Read More »

    McCain’s Energy Plan

    The key point that Republicans should be hammering on for off-shore drilling is the creation of jobs in the immediate future. The oil companies will do that which all businesses do with their profits, invest in new and emerging enterprises. Open up the off-shore drilling and the record “wind-fall profits” the Democrats want to tax, and One would give as an energy rebate, would be | Read More »

    Will Democrats Shut Down Government Over Oil Drilling?

    Fresh from a trip to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge over the weekend, House Minority Leader John Boehner promised to “use every option we have” to force votes on energy production, including a showdown over the Sept. 30 expiration of the off-shore drilling ban. Boehner came out swinging at Democrats this afternoon. “We will use every option we have to force votes in the House,” | Read More »