If you would like to enrage the DailyKos, you can do it here

    I never do this sort of thing…but I would really appreciate y’all’s help here. Do you hate the hive mentality of DailyKos? Would you like to make them squirm? Do you like baseball? Would you like to reward smart, non-partisan analysis that has influenced the way we all now approach baseball? One of the greatest baseball bloggers in America, David Cameron of U.S.S. Mariner, is | Read More »


    I’ve been out of work for the calendar year so far, and haven’t had much free time to blog here. I spent it preparing a plan on doing the counterintuitive and starting a new small business, a single-person LLC, even in the face of the possiblity that Obama could become the next President. My skills as a chemist have gone to waste on bad ideas | Read More »


    This is absolutely made of awesome.

    …and that’s all the head’s-up that half of you’d need to watch it anyway. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog