New Silicon Graffiti Video: “21st Century Schizoid Mad Men”

    . Ed Driscoll highlights an important theme here. (No, not just because he features ME!! in the video.) The increasing comfort that the unfailingly anti-American left feels in spreading political messages through any and all available media is disturbing. Remember Pennsylvania State portraying vets as unstable idiots? And who can forget CNN’s Susan Roesgen trashing tea partiers? (Or all the other reporters trashing tea party | Read More »

    Rewriting the History of the History Channel Ads

    Somebody is lying. This is an update to my previous story regarding the anti-American ads designed by Ogilvy & Mather. I mentioned in that article that History Channel parent A&E Television Networks has been issuing cease & desist letters to websites and others who were running the Ogilvy designed advertisements that featured the History Channel logo. This afternoon, I found one website which has already | Read More »

    CLIO Removes Ogilvy Ads Pending “Investigation”

    This is a follow-up to my earlier story regarding the anti-American ads created by the Johannesburg office of Ogilvy & Mather. Sometime late last night, Ed Driscoll noted that the ads in question had been removed from the CLIO Awards page. I contacted CLIO again and here is their official statement on the removal of the ads: “The CLIO Awards have removed the advertisements from | Read More »

    History Is (Re)Written By The Winners

    … or at least, by the ad agencies. The History Channel is a generally well-respected brand in the United States. The shows routinely make “water-cooler” conversation at sites like Redstate. Indeed, the sister networks like The Military Channel are staples among conservative viewers, as anyone who spends any time around conservatives and veterans is well aware. So you can imagine my surprise reading an article | Read More »