Obama: Death by Taxation

    Cities, chambers of commerce, and officials in state and local governments know that tax incentives drive economic development. It is one of their chief tools in luring business to their areas. There are extreme examples of this principle in places like Wilmington, DE, and Liechtenstein, where every nearby company wants to have a legal presence, and more mundane examples in nearly every major city in | Read More »

    Republican Revolt on the Hill

    I think this is excellent and just what I have been waiting for. I hope that they can keep it up and that it gets more press coverage. “The House adjourned about three hours ago, but GOP lawmakers, outraged that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats went home for five weeks without allowing a vote on offshore drilling, have refused to leave the floor. | Read More »

    House GOP; Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

    http://www.seriousmayhem.com House Republicans are taking the fight to Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats at the time of this writing. Pelosi has turned out the lights, turned off microphones and C-SPAN but Republicans are staying to discuss our serious energy problems anyway. Democrats refuse to drill for oil, build nuclear plants or anything else that makes sense. Democrats only want to punish speculators and use up | Read More »

    How is Energy Different from Guns?

    Like most liberal Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a strong proponent of gun control. It’s odd then, to read that she’s amenable to scheduling a House vote on legislation to reform D.C’s strict and unconstitutional gun ban: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she personally opposes a bill loosening the District of Columbia’s gun laws, but that does not mean she will block it from coming | Read More »

    Some Sanity on the Exxon-Mobil 2Q08 Financial Report

    Exxon-Mobil released their 2Q08 financials yesterday – and as surely as the night follows the day, the usual suspects have begun baying at the moon about it all. Business sense is scarce in Washington, so one wonders whether this baying is due to genuine ignorance – or is merely posturing. But given the big-dollar numbers that are the stock-in-trade of Washington, one would expect better | Read More »

    The Hubris of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats

    Serious Mayhem: A Conservative Policy Arena Yesterday the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats bailed on the American people in refusing to commit to any new energy policies. Our leaders have left Washington for a long summer break while the American people suffer with high gas and diesel prices. Not a single Republican voted to close House business without an energy plan | Read More »

    Springfield, Missouri News Media fails at Barack Obama visit.

    Wow. Talk about in the tank. After reviewing various area news media interviews and news reports about Senator Barack Obama’s visit to Springfield, Missouri yesterday I am beyond stunned. The contrast between how the local media covered the two candidates for President of the United States could not be more stark. The best interview of the day goes to the News-Leader’s Chad Livengood, at least | Read More »

    Democrats’ Energy Ideas Date to 19th Century

    Bless his heart, Rep. Jerry Nadler is trying to understand the woes of Americans facing the high cost of gasoline. Venturing outside the comfortable confines of his Manhattan and Brooklyn district, the liberal Democrat was spotted Monday in the Upstate New York city of Utica talking about transportation and energy policy. Nadler’s solution: “We should take a hard look at reviving the canals,” Nadler said. | Read More »

    Global Warming Produces New Oil Boon

    Well, Well, Well Hollywood couldn’t have written a more ironic twist to the potential outcome of global warming. While Man-made global warming alarmists are cowering in retreat from the recent rash of scientists and data(pdf) disputing and disproving their positions (like the fact that sea levels have been declining, not rising, for the last two years), an unintended yet very welcome circumstance has presented itself.

    FrankJ’s foolproof plan for getting more oil.

    Genius. Pure genius.


    The Pickens Plan

    I’ve been hearing an awful lot about the Pickens Plan lately, and although I’m a little bit skeptical of its viability, I thought I’d attempt an objective look at what this former oil man is proposing. I’ve been to the site, and read through the proposal. I’m a little uncertain about his assertion that “oil production has peaked.” Suffice it to say that estimates of | Read More »

    We can’t pass our way out of this crisis!

    I’ll admit it. I’m getting tired of the endless stupidity of trolls trying to get us to believe the indefensible on the theory that if they repeat it enough times we will eventually give in. As Sprio Agnew would have called them, they are “Nattering Nabobs of Negativity”.

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    Kosovo goes Wahhabi

    Between Maliki’s statements and the latest deal with Iran, there is little time or attention left to cover Saudi Arabian Wahhabism. What a pity, too, because while the cat is away, the mice do play. But unlike rather recent stories concerning Sharia law in England, this bit of news comes from the other end of Europe. Serbia, Kosovo and Albania just don’t filter into our | Read More »

    A Simple Thought

    Most anyone will tell you: I’m a simple guy. No, really… I’m simple. Simple thoughts, left, right, good, bad, up, down.

    Recent Drilling For Oil Polls

    Here is a run down of some recent polls for drilling for oil off the coast of US and the results were shocking in that even in liberal states people support drilling. Survey USA Poll New York In general, do you support or oppose drilling for oil off the coast of the United States? Support 66% Oppose 24% Other 9% Do you support or oppose | Read More »