The Comment Filmthreat Dared Not Post

    [So there’s this article over at Filmthreat.  It’s an Entertainment/Movie Review site in case you haven’t heard of it.  The article is about a movie from 1967.  ‘Scrooge McDuck, and Money,’ it’s called, by Phil Hall.  Here is the link.  I can promise you that Tim Geithner watched it as a boy.  It’s probably the single greatest inspiration in his life, beyond wanting to | Read More »

    Obama’s Stooges Meet

    After buying off states and automakers, the administration is now taking draconian steps to cram strict environmental standards down the throats of American consumers.  The environmental fascists are thrilled by the president’s move believing we cannot chose our own vehicles, we must accept these oligarchs’ dictates.  Of course the Obama administration, through the mouth of Press Secretary Gibbs, is spinning this as a great accomplishment.  | Read More »