The World Moves Against the Dollar

    When Putin announced that Russia would no longer sell its oil and natural gas in dollars, there were the normal — its OK type statements from the financial world, and it was viewed by the Western financial cognoscenti as an anomaly. However, since the Federal Reserve is printing an estimated $600 billion a year to give to bankers and brokers, who then buy U.S. Treasury | Read More »

    The Disingenuousness of Leftist Claims About the Olympics

    The Democrats are in full push back against conservatives who cheered Barack Obama’s defeat at the hands of the International Olympic Committee.During the Bush era, Republicans from Karl Rove to Joe Wilson questioned — in ways both veiled and overt — the patriotism of Democrats who challenged the administration’s Iraq policy, pre-war intelligence and surveillance programs.But the joyous reaction in some GOP quarters to the | Read More »

    Chicago, we have a problem.

    It’s Official: IOC Decision is Bush’s Fault

    After 24 hours of hand wringing and navel gazing by the epic failure of President Obama’s ‘Dream Team’ to deliver the supposed slam dunk by their awesome presence in front of the IOC, the left has finally decided it was all George Bush’s fault. Abdon Pallasch writes in the Chicago Sun Times, ‘Chicago officials claimed President Obama could not undo in one year the resentment | Read More »

    CNN, Roland Martin, and Priorities

    From Roland Martin’s article on What the critics don’t see is that Obama’s loss on the Olympics is America’s loss. Any red-blooded American who loves to see the American flag raised and the national anthem played when one of our own wins a gold medal should blast the Republicans’ giddiness over the loss. Really?   So since the Olympics aren’t held in Chicago, when American athletes | Read More »

    The buck, uh, stops, uh … waitaminute, who said anything about a buck?

    How low the Democrat party has sunk since the heady days when President Harry S. Truman adorned his desk with that now-infamous slogan!  “The buck stops here.”  Now that is leadership.  I, of course, wasn’t alive during the Truman presidency and honestly haven’t studied his administration well enough to say one way or the other whether the words on that plaque were just that, or | Read More »

    Roland Martin is a Moron

    Roland Martin is a CNN Commentator and Obama sycophant. He says I, and others, are celebrating American defeat by laughing over the loss of the Olympics.Mr. Martin is one of the leftists in this country who spent the last several years rooting against our soldiers and sailors in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a strange set of priorities that leads a man to root against | Read More »

    In Honor of Barack and Michelle’s Sacrifice . . .

    We will soon be deluged with excuses that tie Obama’s embarrassing blunder in Denmark to George W. Bush. That is inevitable. But, in honor of the supreme sacrifice of the Obamas and Oprah Winfrey for flying over to take credit for other people’s efforts, I’ve composed a little Top Ten List of the REAL reasons Chicago lost its bid for the Olympics on the first | Read More »

    Thin Skin Deep

    I’m not one to state the obvious over and over again, but the left in America has some of the thinnest skin I’ve seen in my entire 22 years on this dear earth. Today, after the good people of Rio were awarded the 2016 Olympic games, and of course at the expensive of Chicago who was eliminated in the first round of voting, we found | Read More »

    Olympics 2016: an inconvenient truth for the President.

    Let me explain what happened here to President Obama with regard to the Olympic bid. One has to make a distinction between the people of the world, and the governments of the world. The people of the world generally like the USA/Americans/the concept of America for one or more of the following reasons: Because we are free; Because we are vulgar; Because we are loud; | Read More »

    Losing His Mojo

    Poor little Barry Obama. Nothing seems to be going His way these days. He got His keister handed to Him in the health care debates (in spite of being aided and abetted by the slavering State-run media). His poll numbers continue to nose-dive. Even the French, for Pete’s sake, have mocked Him for His stellar naïveté and Titanic ego—a dangerous combination—in the realm of geopolitics. | Read More »

    Obama Has Lost A Valuable Thing

    So, Chicago was eliminated in the first round of bidding for the 2016 Summer Olympics, despite (I assume despite) President Obama’s personal lobbying for the Games. Now, as a New Yorker, I really would not want the Olympics anywhere near my city, and the Olympics don’t exactly have a grand history of making money for the host city (ask Montreal) or necessarily good press (ask | Read More »

    Sports FAIL Poll

    Which is the greatest sports FAIL?Dan O’BrienBill Buckner ’86 Red Sox Obama failed Chicago Olympics bidJean Van de Velde British Open collapse1980 Soviet Hockey Team  Free polls from

    From the Mailbag

    From: Brooke Obie Subject: ChicagoDate: October 2, 2009 11:52:35 AM EDTTo: contact@redstate.comI surely hope you and all of your loved ones are employed and are not in danger of being laid off. You are really cheering the failure of Chicago to be the site of the Olympics–something that could have been an enormous stimulus to our economy–as a GOOD thing? It is really more important | Read More »


    Obama to IOC: I Am the First Black President Of the U.S. I Won. I Get the Games

    Will Tepid Support in Chicago Derail the City’s Olympic Chances? For the record, the headline should read, “Tepid Support in Chicago Ensures Obama Wants Olympics.” To understand why Obama has added another leg to his “It’s All About Me” tour and flown to Denmark to pitch Chicago as the site of the 2016 Olympics despite the fact that the majority of its citizens don’t want | Read More »