Liberals Drunken Joy Ride and America’s Moment of Clarity

            Good government is like a good boyfriend/girlfriend, good acting, good management, even good clowning – it’s easy to take for granted… unless you’ve had the bad version.  If your head is full of goo- goo fantasies, reality has trouble competing. Sometimes trial and error is neccessary. The sexy James Dean type who sits in front of you in history class might prove a distraction until | Read More »

    Phosphate smuggling in Washington!

    Ace of Spades HQ has the details. What’s happening here is that Washington State Democrats have banned phosphates from dish detergents because it’s cheaper than upgrading their water treatment plants – excuse me, ‘better for the environment’ – in Spokane County as a test bed for a banning of the stuff statewide in 2010. Unfortunately, there’s a reason why they put phosphates in dish detergent: | Read More »

    The democrat Real Plan for America

    The mask is slipping a bit.Biden, like Obama, can only pose as a moderate for just so long.The pose is failing: ‘hope’ these bloviating clowns wish to inflict on America is ‘hope’ to outlaw Conservatives and Patriots.The ‘change’ they want to inflict on us is to use the power of the Federal government to make it permanent. Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are not only | Read More »