Operation Leper 1, Nicolle Wallace 0

    Chalk up a point for RedState.com’s Operation Leper. If the NY Post gossip column Page Six has its facts straight, she’s political toast: SARAH Palin’s campaign adviser Nicolle Wallace — who was blamed for the GOP veep hopeful’s notorious $150,000 clothes-shopping orgy — is through with politics. “My professional life will never involve working on a campaign again,” she tells next month’s Marie Claire. According | Read More »

    The Leper Leaps for Obama

    As Operation Leper progressed after the election, it became very clear that the chief culprit in the smears against Sarah Palin was Nicolle Wallace, Palin’s press person appointed by the McCain camp. A dozen eye witnesses to her antics on the campaign trail contacted RedState. Most of them were confirmed. We don’t know why she behaved as she did other than to save her own | Read More »

    On Steve Schmidt

    When I first posted on Operation Leper, I put Steve Schmidt on the list. His name appeared in both a CNN story as someone saying negative things about Sarah Palin and in a Politico story. I can no longer say that Steve Schmidt was one of the smear artists out to harm Palin in order to protect his reputation. In fact, at this time I | Read More »

    Operation Leper: What Did Tom Rath Say?

    Tom Rath is the former Attorney General General of New Hampshire. He’s also been a Republican National Committeeman. He is not the type of guy people should treat lightly. I am, consequently, rather disturbed that several people, both inside and outside the McCain campaign — trusted people — tell me Mr. Rath is responsible for the Newsweek story about Sarah Palin’s temper tantrum in New | Read More »

    Operation Leper: Meet Martin Eisenstadt UPDATED: Nope. Hoax.

    UPDATE: Eisenstadt appears to be a hoax and not an actual person who worked for McCain. Thanks Ace and Allah for catching it. Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the cretins outted himself to add to the list with Nicolle Wallace. Meet Martin Eisenstadt who we must now work to make sure never works for another Republican candidate for office again. We’ll be flagging FEC reports, | Read More »

    On Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin

    Allow me to put this to bed. Do I think Mitt Romney is behind the smears against Sarah Palin? Absolutely not. Do I think Eric Fehrnstrom is behind the smears against Sarah Palin? Absolutely not. I feel comfortable saying that there is no organized effort on Mitt Romney’s behalf or tacit support. I think that’s crazy talk. Here’s what I think: I think there are | Read More »

    In the First 24 Hours: We had 1,224 signatures

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    Operation Leper: Sign Our Petition

    With Regard to Operation Leper

    Let me take a moment to remind our friends in the McCain campaign of a certain fact. It is a fact which, to my mind, ought to be foremost in the mind of all Republicans. It is the fact that Sarah Palin has been resolutely loyal, and joyously so, to the man who nominated her for Vice President. At every rally, the crowd roaring with | Read More »

    Onward and Upward

    First, welcome to the Glenn Beck Show listeners. You can find the original “Operation Leper” post here. Second, a lot of people have signed up for action items email list since 10pm election night. I’m talking a lot of people. It’s simple: when your help is immediately needed on an issue, we email you the details calling for action and the people who need to | Read More »