The Optimistic Democrat

    The optimistic Democrat will look upon the results of this year’s midterms and have a couple of thoughts that will leave them feeling a bit hopeful. The party is hard at work coming up with their excuses for their 2014 Autopsy, but if I know my political opposition, there will be some who hang on to other ideas that will help them sleep better at | Read More »

    Statism: the distilled essence of pessimism

    While I writing to commemorate the birthday of Ronald Reagan, I found myself reflecting on his good cheer and optimism.  Liberals hated him for that.  No one born after the Reagan years can really appreciate how much his confident humor got under the skin of his opponents, who caricatured him as an “amiable dunce” because he was upbeat.  (If you’re old enough to have lived through the | Read More »

    2010: The Essence of Belief

    Ronald Reagan inspired Americans in a unique way. He inspired them to believe that America was so much more than a great country; it was a flourishing, glorious idea. He inspired Americans to believe in something bigger, brighter and greater than just the elections of 1980 and 1984; he inspired Americans to believe in the cause our Founding Fathers devoted their time on Earth to. Ronald | Read More »

    Tom Price (R-GA) with 5 points of optimism

    Tom Pricce (R, GA-6) spoke to the Gwinnett County, Georgia GOP on Saturday. At the end of his remarks, he listed five points of optimism for Republicans to consider this year: Encouraging indeed, but conservatives have to keep it going.

    Galvanized at the Gallows

    President Obama former pessimist, recently converted optimist found a way to have it both ways exuding pessimism and optimism at the same time by exercising a hearty dose of misappropriated “gallows humor” in the midst of national hardship. Gallows humor mocks life-threatening, catastrophic, horrifying situations. Steve Kroft’s, 60 Minutes interview illustrated to anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear”, that the President is | Read More »

    300 Optimists

    G. K. Chesterton, demonstrating his genius at the art of paradox, once referred to optimism as “morbid.” Since the moment I read that (it appears in the second chapter of The Everlasting Man, I have felt in my bones that it is true, and have accordingly nurtured a healthy repugnance for the braggarts of optimism. But as with many paradoxes, it is difficult to explain | Read More »

    Bill Clinton agrees that Obama should smile more.

    Not in so many words, but he generally echoed something that I noted yesterday: our President is not being reassuring enough. Like all good poisoners, Clinton makes sure that the fatal dose is well-mixed with things designed to mask the taste. In this case, GOP-bashing: Bill Clinton: Obama Should Sound More Hopeful [snip] Regarding Obama’s bleak warnings that “the economy could get worse before it | Read More »

    Being An Optimist Today

    1) The last batch of swing state polls that came from FOXNews/Rasmussen show the closest numbers in a while. This includes McCain leading in FL (+1) and NC (+1). They show a tie in MO and OH. And they show McCain within striking distance in VA (-4) and CO (-4). Data here. 2) The major battleground states narrowed. Look at the RCP graphs to see | Read More »

    Cockeyed Optimists

    Like most other observers, I have for some time attributed Sen. Obama’s advantage in the polls largely to outside factors – the military action in Iraq, the financial crisis, America’s falling out with most of the rest of the world, the tarnished Republican brand, etc. The majority of voters want change, and Sen. Obama has assumed the mantle of change, which is a lot easier | Read More »