First it was Honduras….. Now we have Nicaragua.

    H/T Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Two separate articles: Nicaragua court backs re-election. The Nicaraguan Supreme Court has lifted a constitutional ban on re-election, clearing the way for President Daniel Ortega to run again in 2011 elections. The court’s decision followed an appeal by Mr Ortega and a group of mayors.  In July, Mr Ortega said publically he favoured allowing people the right to | Read More »

    Blame America First

    President Obama traveled to Latin America last week and used his world stage, once again, to assure foreign leaders that America is but one culture among many and to apologize for America’s greatness.    Expounding on his campaign promise to promote equality, Obama assured America’s foes that the United States is no better than any third world country. “I pledge to you that we seek | Read More »

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    Obama sits through Ortega’s 50 min Bashing of U.S.

    Ok, let me make the obvious joke here: The set-up: President Obama today sat through a 50-minute speech by Daniel Ortega in which Ortega accused the United States government/military of being terrorists. The punchline: As he spoke, a confused Obama raised his hands in the air and screamed “Hallelujia! Praise the Lord!”