creating JOBS

    Aside from everyones differences. The main thing we need to look at is JOBS. I would like to know exactly how cutting my middle class tax is going to create jobs? I do not want my taxes cut I want jobs for the US to create spending in my restaurant. Not one democrat has been able to tell me how cutting taxes for me will | Read More »


    FOLKS, I am weary. I am tired beyond recognition. My bones ache, my legs throb, my eyes burn and my head is pounding.., wha’ ? No, not from working in the coal mines or on the road crew- but from battling the moronic, inbred idiots on Yahoo!Answers. Yep,you read correctly. Now I am aware that there are some that have no idea or even a | Read More »

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    Protecting the Reputation of Our Troops

    It is time for American’s to understand the damage Barack Obama does to the reputation of our troops when he makes statements such as “our troops are raiding villages and murdering civilians.” As the wife of a deployed soldier, I find this comment dispicable, irresponsible and indicative of Obama’s lack of judgement, because in the end, this race is not about experience, it’s about judgement. | Read More »

    Litigation reform.. Taboo subject?

    The polls are indicating that the race in Florida is becoming tighter and we all know McCain will need to carry Florida to win. As a small business owner in Florida, I cannot begin to describe how badly I want McCain/Palin to prevail. Unless I have missed something, litigation reform regarding frivolous lawsuits has not been discussed. In Florida, attorneys are practically ruling our state. | Read More »