The PC Project – It works IF you work it

    Our county, Pinal AZ, completed the election of its PCs. Because there were no contested seats the County Board of Supervisors voted to not place names on ballots and receive all PC candidates into their elected offices. My wife and I received our election certificates yesterday. In 2008 there were 94 elected GOP PCs in Pinal. In 2010 there are 154, 1/3 of which are | Read More »

    Obamedia will try to call the election early

    Obamedia will try to convince us that it is a waste of time to vote for McCain as the election for President is already over. Obamedia will try to disenfranchise Republicans out West by calling the election a Democrate win before the Western US has finished voting. Alaska will go for McCain but will be told it is over before Alaskan polls have closed. Do | Read More »

    This election is NOT over

    When my 4 year old can tell me Barak’s last name with out prompting but has no idea who John McCain is I realized that media wants us to think this election is over. I even heard that they are trying to find clever ways to keep views watching on election day since we’ll know who one by the time we all sit down for | Read More »

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    Hey Bill Kristol, The Election is not over!

    Bill Kristol, you Sir are a fraud, a wannabe Reagan Conservative, it is weak Centrist inside the beltway Republicans like you, who have brought America to the cusp of a disaster that disaster is Barrack “Barry” Obama. Thanks for pushing an unbeliever like John McCain onto the party faithful, the consistent call for bipartisanship by people such as yourself, is going to lead to a | Read More »