PA Unofficial Election Results

    Figured I’d link this for those interested in watching as they come in. Here are the PA-12 Special election results. Legislative special elections: 20th(Allegheny County), 138th(Northampton), 147th(Montgomery). Statewide primaries(governor, lt. governor, U.S. Senate). U.S. Congress primaries. PA Senate primaries. PA Representative primaries. Democratic state committee. Republican state committee – may be an interesting write-in in this category :)

    PA-4: VERY last minute candidate interviews

    Yeah, I know. The primaries in PA are today. I almost literally ran into Mary Beth Buchanan last night, though, and asked her a few questions. Please forgive me my imperfections with the camera: Later in the evening I talked with Keith Rothfus on the phone: Cross-posted to Renner’s Here and PAWatercooler.