The Paragraph of the Year Award

    This morning, Drudge links up to Camille Paglia’s latest column. Contained within is one of the most hilarious – and accurate – sequence of sentences to be penned this election season: The mountain of rubbish poured out about Palin over the past month would rival Everest. What a disgrace for our jabbering army of liberal journalists and commentators, too many of whom behaved like snippy | Read More »

    Camille Paglia nails one

    Camille Paglia claims the kind of personal beliefs that I find quite objectionable – Obama-supporting, pro-choice, atheist, drug legalization, etc. But it seems like every time I read her stuff, I find myself intrigued by her points. And her article today is no exception. She displays stunning insight about the DNC and GOP conventions, the Palin nomination, and her credentials as a “brand new style | Read More »