Musharraf Resigns

    Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf announced he would resign Monday. Maybe now the government of Pakistan can focus on confronting the Islamic insurgency in Pakistan’s tribal areas.

    On Pakistan

    With Pervez Musharraf apparently ready to quit, the time has come for a serious and fundamental re-examination of our relations with Pakistan. This includes an examination of our counterterrorism strategy in the region, our military and national security relations in general and the work we are doing to try to keep any conflict between Pakistan and India to a low boil at most. We have | Read More »

    Owls say “who?” Hawks say “how?”

    While reading the National Review Online‘s blog, The Corner, I came across this entry by Lisa Schiffren – Pak help for Afghan “militants” is old news – and I must admit that it set me off: The CIA has known all this forever. Nonetheless, the Agency made a deal with ISI early in the 1980s, which led to funneling covert US money for the Afghan | Read More »

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