Mike Long: New York Democrats’ 2010 MVP

    As Republicans rally in an effort regain majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, one pick-up they should be able to count on is New York’s 23rd District.  The basic formula is there.  Previous to the Special election to replace  John McHugh, a Republican had held that seat for decades.  It is still a strongly Republican District.  In fact, a Republican should have won the | Read More »

    Mad as Hell: Why Carl Paladino Matters

    On June 2nd, Republican leaders in New York chose a candidate for Governor.  The man they chose, a favorite among GOP elites, was Rick Lazio.  Of course, in New York, as in other states, it is ultimately the voter, and not the elites, who make that final determination.  Last night, the voters chose Buffalo businessman Carl Paladino.  In a similar — though much more publicized | Read More »


    Riverhead, NY Sept 10 2010, Carl Paladino addresses a standing room only crowd and lays out his no nonsense platform. He proudly declares, “I am not politically correct and I don’t want to be”. The crowd roars with applause. In the New York Primary for Governor this Tuesday, Paladino has been gaining momentum. This man in my opinion has the calm confidence and experience to | Read More »

    Flame on! Paladino for NY Governor

    If you listen to the polls, any Republican winning the NY Governor’s chair this year seems pretty much like a pipe dream.  In fact, look at them long enough, and you might be tempted to believe New York will remain a very blue state across the board. On the other hand, New Yorkers are angry.  They are frustrated.  A majority favors a repeal of the | Read More »