The Sarah Palin Chronicles

    Podcast Show Notes Thoughts on the new GOP House leadership. The despicable McCain staffers smearing Palin story and Palin’s response. What’s behind it all? America’s electorate doesn’t lurch left. (Hat Tip: Right Wing News.) Democrats have a clue about the danger of going to the left, but will they be able to help themselves? (Hat Tip: Outside the Beltway.) Chris Matthews job: unpaid White House | Read More »

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    No Palin, No base!

    I was aghast last night, listening to Carl Cameron’s report about McCain’s aides bashing of Palin on The O’Reilly Factor. I was seething when more alleged details were leaked anonymously on Thursday. Two points. During his stump speeched, Senator John McCain spoke of his distaste for pork and in particular those who hid behind their earmarks. He said, “I will name names and make them | Read More »

    On Palin

    Obama campaigned on tax cuts. Thats our turf. Democrats win when they run as Republicans. This suggestion that Palin hurt the ticket is then exposed for the misguided death whine of the liberal republican wing that it is. The good thing for my cause, that is, the conservative, cause, is that we ran your moderate, and he lost. He lost Florida to a guy who | Read More »


    My faith in my country is not determined by who is in Washington

    On Tuesday night, when I saw Obama cross the 270 electoral mark, I will admit that I broke down crying like a baby. I melted on the phone to my father just because of the absolute rage I was feeling at that point. Was I mad at Obama or the electorate in general? No. I was enraged because ALL OF THIS was so unnecessary. In | Read More »

    Throw me under the bus too

    Why are they throwing Palin under the bus? Its very simple why they are doing this. Palin has stood up to her own party and has called them out on monopolistic practices in big oil industries and dare challenge the good ol boy network. There may be many reasons why democrats do not like Palin, but they should at least admire her for the strength | Read More »

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    McCain should condemn the anti-Palin pettiness

    Sarah Palin is not to be the policy wonk or the international affairs specialist that Joe Biden is, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a better candidate for VP. This post-defeat pettiness coming from the McCain staff as reported by Carl Cameron on FOX is rather unseemly. John McCain should make a public statement condemning and rejecting these remarks and once again issue a heartfelt | Read More »

    The Palin Bashing Must Stop

    Much has been aired about Sara Palin. She is supposedly a diva, who shops too much, is not ready on time, does not take direction, and throws temper tantrums.

    How McCain Lost – or How Any Republican Loses

    Obama won, yes, but only because McCain lost this election. I won’t address the tactics the Obama campaign utilized to win, as they have been documented elsewhere. I am focusing on McCain. Firstly, it must be said up-front that Palin was a net gain to McCain. I have heard rumblings from Republican elitists and operatives that Palin ruined McCain’s chances. No, McCain did that. Palin | Read More »

    I Am Losing Faith in the General Intelligence & Fairness of Republicans

    I have been a huge fan and public defender of Sarah Palin here in New York City since the week she was picked. I was thrilled that she did well at the VP debate. But the specific rumors about Palin’s lack of knowledge or “knowledgeability” as Carl Cameron stated it to Bill O’Reilly (video here) must be considered and if not true must be specifically | Read More »

    Why I Hate “Republicans”

    OK, the title’s a bit inflammatory, but I really do hate a lot of elected and appointed Republicans. Erick’s “Leper” piece got me started on this thought and I will try to relate it to my own experience. I was born a Southerner, a Baptist, and a Democrat. Learning to read pretty much took care of the first two, the third took a lot longer. | Read More »

    Sarah Palin: SoCon? Libertarian?

    There seems to be broad though not unanimous agreement that Sarah Palin will eventually make a play for the White House. Dan McLaughlin lists her as a darling of the “culturally conservative” wing of the party for a possible run in four years. And certainly during the campaign, the MSM routinely defined her as appealing to the socially conservative wing of the party. Nor is | Read More »

    Debunking myths of the election

    So the election has come and gone. I was, of course, hoping for a McCain-Palin win, but I was braced for an Obama victory. Yet, it’s funny, no matter how much you steel yourself against something, it still comes as something of a shock when it actually happens. It’s like a dear sick relative that has been living on borrowed time, and you know what’s | Read More »

    It’s “Put On The Helmet Day” Mom

    Red States, Rush, I hope you’re listening. There is one thing and one thing only we need to do right now, and for the foreseeable future. It is time for the Operation Chaos Reunion Tour. Remember, according to the polls, there are at least 48 million of us out there. Now what is the best way to create this chaos? Firstly, today is the day | Read More »

    Sarah Palin Should Join the US Senate

    One of the bright spots–or potential bright spots–of this election is the political emergence of Sarah Palin. This happens at a time when Republicans are sorely in need of fresh perspectives and candidates who can bridge the enthusiasm gap with Democrats. I like her quite a lot, but I am also among those who want to see her learn more, prove herself more, and learn | Read More »

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    Sarah Palin to US Senate?

    The race has not finished as I write for AK, but it looks good that AK will be “attempting” to return Ted Stevens to the US Senate. Very simple Question: Should Sarah Palin be Ted Stevens replacement? Or, do you wish to defend Stevens and his Legal Appeal(s)? Not much to be said here, just an opportunity to turn it over to all of us | Read More »