I Need This From Time To Time

    I have been a bit down for a while. The economy is in the crapper, McCain and Palin are lagging in the polls, ACORN is trying its best to steal the election, the Democrats are really full of themselves (nauseatingly cocky), and about half of my fellow countrymen have gone completely nuts and are willing to throw this country into Obama’s socialistic system. It looks | Read More »


    So here we are today, following a week when the Dow Jones Industrials suffered its greatest weekly loss and AP is reporting Governor Sarah Palin “abused her power.” To this add the latest polling reports, new information regarding Obama ties to Kenyan strongman Odinga and a continuing flow of reports of ACORN voting fraud. Right now over at the “Daily Kos” the Kosmonauts are already | Read More »

    Oh the beauty of large institutions!

    History will remember this era as a time in which many of our largest and most well-established institutions were crushed by their own weight. Complaints that a cop is tasering a kid, that a priest is making moves on the altar boys or that those with fiduciary responsibility are stealing from the kitty all seem to lead to similar frustration. Ethics rules and investigatory procedures | Read More »


    No questions left for Obama

    We have the answers (UPDATE – see link for more answers after this column)Originally published By Mike DeVine, as Legal Editor for The Minority and HinzSight Reports”This new information about Barack Obama’s relationships with ACORN and William Ayers raises a lot of questions.” – (insert TV political talking head’s name here)Wrong. The information coming out now, during the “attentive voter season” before Election Day, answers | Read More »

    The Sarah Plain Trooper Gate Contradiction

    The results of the Trooper-gate investigation showed that Sarah Palin acted within the law in firing Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. The report stated that the abuse of power came when she failed to tell her husband to back off so to speak when it came to pressuring Monegan to can Wooten. What I’m left with is a “huh” feeling because I find this report | Read More »

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    Why Feminists Hate Palin

    The feminist ‘comedienne’ Sandra Bernhard is reported to have declared recently that if Sarah Palin went to New York City, she would be gang-raped by blacks.This is just another in the ongoing stream of attacks against Palin by the political left and particularly by feminists. These are the same feminists who have told us that they “care about” women, children, the global village, the environment | Read More »

    Sarah’s redemtion: and why she deserves her position

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qforjC64HfsFor all the articles and rehash about her record and achievements,this video is why Sarah is so endearing to so many. Obama bought time in late Oct. to toot his own horn about issues and debunk accusations by so many. Maybe McCain should buy some time to toot the horn of an acceptional woman America is falling in love with. Trooper-gate would be but a | Read More »

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    What’s Damage: Palin Abusing Power on Firing?

    A legislative committee investigating Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found she unlawfully abused her authority in firing the state’s public safety commissioner. The investigative report concludes that a family grudge wasn’t the sole reason for firing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan but says it likely was a contributing factor.What is the damage on this to Palin/McCain?


    Why McCain For Today?

    Since America is voting in less than a month. I need America to make the right choice to continue on to 2009-future without making America have a bad face. Since we are still in the middle east and the new commander in cheif will come to the White House there will be good and bad decisions on hand from citizens like us. SO THE BEST | Read More »

    HELLO REDSTATE – Skye is in the House!!!

    Who am I?I AM SARAH PALIN:

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    Biden: Palin, A Backwards Step For Women

    Unbelievable! Can Joe Biden be anymore irrelevant this cycle?

    Thank You Redstate!

    Thanks to Redstate for your contribution to my PHD project re politics on the internet. It’s been an amazing ride, but for now has to end. FYI, This project involved study of 72 randomly selected left wing and right wing sites. Each site was investigated by subjects from both sides of the political spectrum. We measured how polemic the site was, the quality (grammar, style, | Read More »

    Sarah Palin on SNL

    Producers of SNL are apparently dying to get Gov. Sarah Palin on the show before the election. Palin has expressed interest in doing this. I believe she’ll make an appearence, and here is what the skit should be.

    Lady And The Tramp

    Here’s a challenge: search for a few of the remaining “Hillary for President” forums. It is amazing what those left-of-center gals are posting about Governor Palin–they love her! Not because she’s a conservative, of course, but because she is a strong-willed, non-apologetic, woman who has managed to juggle both family and governmental service.Because McCain’s nomination had dispirited so many conservatives in the Republican party, one | Read More »

    Err … Does Newswe[a]k Actually Think This Will *Hurt* Palin? (UPDATED)

    Heh … If the McCain/Palin campaign is smart (still an open question as far as I’m concerned), Sarah Palin should be having a lot of fun with this over the following weeks – that is, if Newsweak doesn’t pull a switch (which is why I urge everyone to save themselves a copy). Please do take a look at Newsweak’s magazine’s October 13th edition’s cover. (H/T | Read More »