View From The North – Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience

    The media has mocked the “Alaska proximinty to Russia” so called gaffe. I have a question for military personnel and Redstste readers. When F-15’s are scambled from Elmendorf AFB to confront Russian bombers are those aircraft not Alaska Air National Guard and the Governor is the CINC of those forces. Would not Gov Palin then have sent forces to protect the US? Something Obama/Biden have | Read More »

    ABC did “creative editing” on Palin’s interview!

    ABC should be ashamed of the way they edited the interview with Sarah & Gibson…unfortunately, she didn’t sign a form requesting “NO EDITING” {as obama did}, for she trusted them to be fair & honest ~ which they were not. *They should be required to play the entire content, minus their edits, to show her actual answers & not the ones that they “put in | Read More »

    Missed Opportunity

    The McCain/Palin campaign directors have overlooked one of the most profound and relevant story of Sarah Palin’s governorship: “The $1,200.00 that she gave back to each family of Alaska!” Why they have not exploited this amazing story is beyond me? I believe a whole T.V. special could be devoted to impact that this money had on the lives of poor and middle class Alaskans. Interviews | Read More »

    Sarah is Shrill says Harry Reid

    She came, she saw and she has conquered. After a week of one sided attacks about a 22 yr old DUI against her husband, an almost pathetic campaign against her 17 year old and a host of flimsy issues, she came out swinging. Today what we saw was not just a woman described by her beauty or the novelty she brought with her, we saw | Read More »