[UPDATE] Pataki passes on Gillibrand challenge

    After months of speculation on whether Pataki would challenge Gillibrand, he tells the the Wall Street Journal Tuesday he won’t challenge Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand this fall. Although Pataki would of been in the lead for the Republican primary. A new rasmussen poll released today shows Gillibrand 40% against a Generic Republican 39%.

    Peculiar Pataki

    I am stunned by the announcement of Dede Scozzafava that she is dropping out the race in NY’s 23rd.  I think the last straw was the endorsement of Doug Hoffman by George Pataki.  Pataki has never been considered a right of center Republican much less a Conservative.  In New York, however, the political game is a little more complex. New York is one of the few states | Read More »