The Audacity of Patience

    The hard left, I must say, has shown remarkable patience in light of the middle ground the Obama Administration-In-Waiting has cautiously taken since election day. Oh, there’s been some grumbling about all the Clintonistas the O-Team is stocking the executive branch with, The One’s realization that perhaps it might be best to let the Bush tax cuts simply expire rather than repeal them during a | Read More »

    The long view of things.

    True students—not dilletantes—of history have an approach to the wheel of time that few people embroiled in current events do. The further back in time one gazes, the less important smalle details become, but the expression of patterns gets stronger. In my first post I introduced the Postulate of Cyclical Politics: The root of Conservative demise is hypocrisy. The root of Liberal demise is excess. | Read More »