Breaker One Nine Patriots…..Looks Like We Got Us a CONVOY!

    Just to get everyone in the mooooood, y’all.    Trucker Ride for the Constitution  is on the road!  WHAT IS OUR PURPOSE AND GOAL? The goal of Truckers Ride For The Constitution is the restoration of our nation as a Constitutional Republic under the US Constitution, as it was given to us by our founding fathers, not the perverted form that we have today. Today | Read More »


    My View From Here

    ORIGINALLY POSTED AS COMMENT TO SON’S FACEBOOK POSTING As a patriotic American concerned with the future of my country, I’m less worried about the idiots trying to get into office than where we are heading. The Chinese are lending us money to finance our debt we can’t pay so we can by more stuff from them and for oil, while the Islamic stealth jihad slowly | Read More »

    Biden’s Estate Planning

    Just read about Rahm’s little scam. If true, where is the media? If it is his residence, he is a slime ball to the nth degree. “Let them eat cake”. Another limo liberal. I spoke to many people pre election who said they wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more in taxes if it helped the country. They seemed to have drunk the Biden “patriotic | Read More »