Violence by the Numbers: Guns Really Do Prevent Violence

    With the recent tragedy in Newtown, there is little doubt that people are scared: they’re scared that their elected officials will take away their guns in an effort to prevent further tragedies from occurring. This is evidenced by the nationwide skyrocketing of firearms sales, ammo sales, and jam-packed, filled-to-capacity weekend gun shows. And, if one believes the liberal argument that guns kill people, then they | Read More »

    Why Conservatives are Better than Liberals

    In places like New York City and San Francisco, the liberal elite enjoy sitting around their boutique coffee shops, discussing just how dumb those redneck conservatives are, and how liberals are so much MORE sophisticated and intelligent. Seemingly, liberals “get it”! They ponder the world’s plight, and discuss solutions to such problems as poverty, joblessness, and global-warming; solutions that are far too advanced for ANY | Read More »

    Liberals and Bad Policy

    In the days since the Aurora, CO massacre, there’s been tons of liberal-speak for the need of increased gun control laws. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) has proposed a ban on high-capacity magazines; Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-NY) has introduced a bill that would effectively cease the online sale of ammunition, by requiring buyers to present photo identification at the time of purchase; and Mayor Bloomberg (D-NY) | Read More »


    This morning, a very tragic incident occurred in Aurora, CO during a late night preview of the new Batman movie. And while the left will be screaming that nobody should be jumping to any conclusions, or politicizing the mass killing of Americans, they are already attempting to leverage this incident to the fullest extent possible. ABC is already drawing lines between the suspect and the | Read More »

    Obama’s Support Not Relevant

    Yesterday, president Obama announced his support for gay marriage, and the mainstream media became abuzz with “breaking news” headlines, stories from the “inside”, and “exclusive” interviews with “anonymous” sources. But truthfully, who cares? Did it REALLY surprise ANYONE that Obama supports gay marriage? Sure, publicly, he’s flip-flopped back and forth finally taking the official stance of “my position is still evolving”, whatever the heck that | Read More »

    More Hypocritical Liberals…

    On April 27th, 2010 the City Council of the City of Los Angeles passed a resolution strongly condemning Arizona’s SB 1070, a bill which made illegal aliens guilty of a state crime and authorized local law enforcement agencies the ability to enforce immigration laws. In total, 13 councilmembers  voted “yea” in favor of passing the resolution which called for the economic boycott of the state | Read More »

    LAPD Chief Charlie Beck Fails!

    Under pressure from immigrant rights groups, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck announced last Friday that he had modified a departmental policy relating to the seizure and impound of vehicles driven by unlicensed motorists. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code (CVC) 14602.6(a)(1), police officer’s staffing positions at sobriety checkpoints would typically seize and impound a vehicle for 30 days, if the officer had evidence that proved | Read More »

    A True Injustice: Schwarzenegger Commutes Sentence of Esteban Nunez

    Background of the Crime   On October 4th, 2008 Esteban Nunez, son of former California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, and 3 other accomplices, Ryan Jett, Rafael Garcia, and Leshanor Thomas, arrived at a Cal State San Diego fraternity party under the influence of alcohol, and were subsequently not admitted to the party by Luis Dos Santos, a 22 year old student at near-by San Diego | Read More »

    Illegal v. Undocumented

    In keeping with the Left’s ambitious agenda to disassociate the word “illegal” with anything “immigrant”, the Society for Professional Journalists (SPJ) and specifically, their Diversity Committee, has set out on a mission to replace the terms “illegal immigrant” and “illegal alien” with the more politically correct “undocumented worker” or “undocumented person”, with regards to how journalists report on immigration matters.   Claiming that the change | Read More »

    It’s the Democrats, Stupid!

    Today, the Senate was unable to pass the amnesty bill known as the “DREAM Act”. With 55 votes in favor (3 of them Republican), and 41 against (including 5 Democrats), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) was unable to garner the support he needed to advance the bill.   After the vote, Reid issued a statement which read in part: “I am deeply disappointed that | Read More »

    California’s Insurgency

      With California’s fiscal house in complete disarray and facing an almost $28 billion shortfall over the next 18 months, a sound and logical person might assume that California lawmakers have their hands full as they attempt to deal with the problems created by years of “smoke and mirror” budgets, debt shifting, and massive borrowing. However, as reported today by the Los Angeles Times, sound | Read More »

    Taxes and Rhetoric

                    With the release this week of the November job’s report, it was no surprise to find the topic of this morning’s political talk shows focused mainly on the economy, and specifically, the “extension of the Bush-era tax cuts”. Senator Kyl (R-AZ), appearing on CBS’s “Face the Nation” correctly refused to call them “tax cuts” while pointing out the fact that the so called “tax | Read More »