Bailout Passes – Economy Still Plummets?

    When the inevitable finally happens and The Bailout passes the Congress later this week, the next question on everyone’s mind will be: what happens next? I have no doubt that this bailout could provide some short-term relief to the credit crisis, liquidity and recapitalization in the banking system, perhaps even serve as a sort of catharsis to the stress afflicting the credit markets. I also | Read More »

    The New Pelosi Bill

    I just spoke to someone from my Congressman’s office, He tells me the word is the Dems. are working on a new bill that would include Acorn among some other goodies for the Marxist Left. He say’s they may try to pass is with out Republican support. I say good let them do it, if the American people oppose the bill as it stands they | Read More »

    Obama to the rescue?

    95 Democrats voted down the bailout. These were not moderate democrats rather liberal party hacks. 12 of Franks own committee members voted no. Nancy tried as hard as possible to keep the republicans from voting as well with her “I hate Bush” speech. Why would they try and kill the vote? My opinion is this was all a ploy for our pal Obama to come | Read More »

    Why I’m against the bailout, or whatever you want to call it.

    It’s semantics, after all. In political terms it’s called: kicking the can. It’s not the money, although it’s a staggering sum. It’s the root causes. Nobody wants to talk about those in any productive way. It’s the finger pointing and partisanship. We hear, let’s just pass this thing and work on the causes later. We have heard this time and again with every new crisis | Read More »

    Why John McCain Should Suspend His Campaign

    If John McCain wants to win this election he should immediately cease campaigning against Obama and start campaigning against the United States Congress. Nobody likes Congress. Most people like their own Congresscrook and maybe a Senator or two but they don’t like the rest of them. I like my Congressman, but try as I might, I can certainly see no reason to like the rest | Read More »

    Pelosi Play’s Lucy to the Bailout Bill’s Charlie Brown!

    A curious narrative about the so-called bipartisan compromise bailout bill started to form after Speaker Pelosi made her wildly partisan speech seen here and here and the subsequent failure of said bill. That narrative is, and as the day unfolded more and more evidence supports, the fact that the Democrat leadership didn’t fully support the passage of this bill and in fact, may have been | Read More »

    How transparent…..

    This is a long article but spells it out pretty well.Article by By James Simpson. Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis The responses are great – I wanted to post this one. “Please do homework before you respond to this blog. The CLINTON administration is purely to fault for the current crisis. And if that isn’t enough, Barry got the 2nd most amounts | Read More »

    How to Alienate Fence-Sitters and Shatter a Fragile Bipartisan Coalition

    The full text of Speaker Pelosi’s controversial speech today is available here. A more partisan and divisive speech could scarcely have been given. This is a textbook example of how to alienate fence-sitters and shatter a fragile bipartisan coalition. Pelosi blasted Republicans for relying “on budgetary recklessness, on an anything goes mentality, with no regulation, no supervision, and no discipline in the system”. No mention, | Read More »


    I challenge democrat Pelosi!

    Sept. 28, 2008 Pelosi’ Progress Report Before the Vote Pelosi made herself look bad. Pelosi, making herself look bad, offered many sound bits attacking Bush and the Administration for the economic mess our country is in. She stated: “The party is over” for Wall Street Execs and CEO’s. Gave misleading kudos to the democrats for tossing the pork out of the Bill; and wrongfully insinuating | Read More »

    Chicken Little Again

    Speaker Pelosi is in the well giving her “Chicken Little” speech. These professional, political parasites are famous for blaming the GOP for their incompetence. John McCain co-sponsored S. 190 [109th]: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 that would have prevented this situation from happening. Barney Frank, chair of the Finance Committee put Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on steroids. The Federal Reserve Chief, | Read More »

    Obama owns defeat. Can’t even unite 218 Democrats, much less America

    Barack Obama owns the defeat of the Wall Street bail-out bill today, more so than Speaker Pelosi, President Bush or anyone else. Obama has held himself out for over a year as The One we have been waiting for to change old politics and unify us. When the crisis broke out over ten days ago, he scoffed at McCain’s flight to D.C. to return to | Read More »

    Barney Frank just stepped up to defend Pelosi

    She was asked about her stupid comments about Republicans and how her mouth hurt the passage of the bailout. Barney took the question for her. Can someone point out the stupidity of slandering the Administration and Republicans with 8 years of failure, but from the other side of your mouth saying that everyone has to get behind the Administration’s bill? Can the House Republicans step | Read More »

    Nancy Kills Bill

    House GOP leaders Boehner, Blunt and Cantor just spoke to reporters about the failure of the bailout bill. Blunt said that at least a dozen Republican members who had been for the bill turned their backs on it after Pelosi delivered a very partisan speech on the floor of the House. In her speech, Pelosi blamed the nation’s financial problems on “failed Bush economic policies” | Read More »

    What’s still wrong with the bailout

    While the pro-bailout crowd has yet again announced an agreement, the rank-and-file have not yet signed on.Here is Pelosi’s summary of the bill. Note some obvious flaws: No salary caps for executives of firms that take taxpayer money. Vague language around taxpayers getting equity; my guess is that many firms would get taxpayer money without giving up equity. Automatic additional funding unless blocked by a | Read More »

    United We Fail