Let Them Eat Cake

    That’s Nancy Pelosi’s attitude toward struggling Americans. But instead of cake, its gas. The Politico: But what looks like intraparty tension on the surface is part of an intentional strategy in which Pelosi takes the heat on energy policy, while behind the scenes she’s encouraging vulnerable Democrats to express their independence if it helps them politically, according to Democratic aides on and off Capitol Hill.Pelosi’s | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s “New” Energy Plan And Nancy Pelosi Saves The World

    Democrat nominee Barack Obama delivered yet another address on energy. This time he is in favor of tapping the strategic oil reserve and maybe, just maybe looking at the possibility of thinking about considering to review some thoughts about off shore drilling. His energy plan still consists mainly of alternatives that are YEARS in the future if the research were to begin today. He and | Read More »

    Obama changes on oil drilling issue.

    Who is pulling the strings of the democratic candidate for president? While Mr. Obama says one thing and then 4 days later says something different on the same issue, (and that seems to be a daily occurance on many issues) such as drilling offshore, we voters again scratch our heads in wonder. Even if Mr. Obama were to win the election, does he really think | Read More »

    Rep Kenny Marchant (TX 24) on Energy: Hear, Hear!

    As a compassionate conservative, I can understand the impulse to flee steamy Washington DC in August. But the Congress should really do its job first. I am posting Rep Marchant’s letter in its entirety. Let’s Have a Vote on Real Energy Solutions As many of you have heard, the House Republican Caucus has taken over the empty House chamber in protest of Democratic House Speaker | Read More »

    Obama and Pelosi to Repeal DOMA

    From CNSNews, Another reason to vote NOBAMA, but is anyone listening? Pelosi Backs Obama on Repeal of Defense of Marriage ActFriday, August 01, 2008By Josiah Ryan, Staff Writer Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) On the Spot (CNSNews.com) – If Barack Obama is elected president, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) will support him in fulfilling his vow to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act | Read More »

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    House GOP; Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

    http://www.seriousmayhem.com House Republicans are taking the fight to Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats at the time of this writing. Pelosi has turned out the lights, turned off microphones and C-SPAN but Republicans are staying to discuss our serious energy problems anyway. Democrats refuse to drill for oil, build nuclear plants or anything else that makes sense. Democrats only want to punish speculators and use up | Read More »

    How is Energy Different from Guns?

    Like most liberal Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a strong proponent of gun control. It’s odd then, to read that she’s amenable to scheduling a House vote on legislation to reform D.C’s strict and unconstitutional gun ban: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she personally opposes a bill loosening the District of Columbia’s gun laws, but that does not mean she will block it from coming | Read More »

    The Hubris of Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats

    Serious Mayhem: A Conservative Policy Arena Yesterday the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats bailed on the American people in refusing to commit to any new energy policies. Our leaders have left Washington for a long summer break while the American people suffer with high gas and diesel prices. Not a single Republican voted to close House business without an energy plan | Read More »

    Pelosi-I Have A VERY Important Job

    Did you catch Pelosi on The View….(the clip is a little long) http://www.dequalss.com/wp/2008/07/nancy-pelosi-on-the-view/ (You guys know that I can’t copy a video in, I am not that tech savvy). A few thoughts on Pelosi’s visit with the “ladies” and Whoopie.

    Pelosi: No drilling “in order to save planet”..

    In an article in Politico on the GOP starting to link Obama to Reid and Pelosi in the Congress there is this little nugget: “They’ll also begin to use “Pelosi-Reid-Obama” in the all-in-the-same-breath way that Democrats now use “Bush-McCain” — to make the parties’ popular candidates indistinguishable from their less beloved incumbents. *Pelosi has told Politico that she’s standing in the way on a drilling | Read More »

    Reid And Pelosi: Holding America Hostage To Environmental Fascism

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have effectively undermined all efforts to lift the ban on drilling for more oil. Despite growing public support for ending the ban, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she won’t even allow a vote on lifting the ban. Pelosi even boasts that in the House, the power of recognition and setting the agenda rests | Read More »

    The (un)Fairness Doctrine

    Far be it from me to ask all to endorse anyone or sign anything, however, being that queen bee Nancy Pelosi cannot wait for President Obama to commence the “socialization” of our government, this petition has got to move and move soon:click here if you concur *Look at the effect of (Newt Gingrich’s AmericaSolutions.org) the DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW petition… over 1.3 million as of | Read More »

    Dear Red State- Congressional Race Anxiety Syndrome

    Dear Red State is an advice column for the politically perplexed. We are inclusive, compassionate conservatives, so feel free to differ. After all, the questioner is getting what he/she paid for! Dear Red State: I am feeling very depressed about our Congressional prospects in 2008. Everyone says the GOP is inevitably going to have major losses. This will give Speaker Pelosi and her associates more | Read More »

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