Conservative Patriots vs. Old Guard Middle Squish Republicrats.

    Lindsey Graham is feeling bullet proof these days. He’s not up for re-election until 2015. That means that the newly emerging RINO-in-Chief figures he’s good to go on just about any smarmy agenda he pleases. Speaking of smarmy, he just slithered into the den of John (Did you know that I served in Viet Nam?) Gunboat Kerry. The man who turned against his country on | Read More »

    Bailout part deux: tell them to vote NO

    As more details of how we got here, I firmly believe it is up to the Democrat-controlled Congress to get this passed. Their creation, their years of ACORN-infused lobbying, their book cooking, their embezzlement, their fraud, their cover-up, their mess. Even if we, the hard working taxpayers are left holding the bag, there’s no reason to support it.If you feel the same, contact your Congressman | Read More »

    Mike Pence is My Hero Today

    Mike Pence has an article up on Human Events.Go read it all. Now. And know that America needs more just like him. Economic freedom means the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail.And to this I just say-Preach it brother. Oh how we often forget. Duty is ours, outcomes belong to God.Indiana, you have something special in that man. Don’t ever turn him away.

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    To Mike Pence and the House Republicans; When are you people gonna learn?

    So the Democrats screwed you and the American people again? I’m shocked, shocked, to see you guys played like fiddles by the Democrats (again). The problem is evident in your statement here. “Bring a full and fair debate to this floor, and we will achieve a bipartisan result,” Pence said.What on earth could possibly make you think that the Democrats are interested in a full | Read More »

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