Propagandize much?

    It’s getting to be like Iraq 2003, seeing their “One” everywhere via Tony Katz on Twitter; Hope N Pepsi? Okay, pink box, obviously has to do with breast cancer awareness. But seriously, how long do you think PepsiCo has been waiting for a chance to do this? Just sayin‘ is all. Crossposted

    Forget Tea Parties; Prepare for the Boston Coke Party!

    An article in today’s New York Times Business Section reveals a lot about the relationship between the Left and taxation. Sodas a Tempting Tax Target [O]ne of the nation’s top public health officials is now a fierce proponent of a soda tax. Meanwhile, other Obama advisers and some Senate staff members have been talking about such a tax — which wouldn’t apply to diet soda | Read More »


    Even within the members of my own family do I find that hypocrisy runs rampant when it comes to standing up for what we believe.  We’ve all heard of the “fair weather protesters”, those who will demonstrate against various issues but only so long as the weather cooperates.  Such is the case, in a manner of speaking, when it comes to standing up for what | Read More »