The Permanent Campaign Gets Creepy

    Imagine that the President of the United States is sending personal representatives to the homes of private citizens and asking them to sign a “pledge of support” for his Administration’s policies.  Imagine that those representatives are asking citizens for their names and e-mail addresses so that the “post-election” organization set up by the president can follow up with them; perhaps taking the addresses of those | Read More »

    Obama Prepares for Permanent Campaign

    If there’s one thing most Americans agree on, it’s that presidential campaigns just aren’t long enough! If you’re one of the millions who agree, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the Obama campaign didn’t end on election day, and won’t end with the inaugural. Instead, the president-elect has decided to maintain a ‘permanent grassroots movement:’ OFA 2.0, which is the initiative’s working title (adapted from | Read More »