NRA Endorses Perriello

    Very disturbing news from the Martinsville Bulletin: Both incumbent Congressman Tom Perriello and challenger state Sen. Robert Hurt say they are supported by the National Rifle Association, but both also expect Perriello to get the NRA’s endorsement in the 5th District congressional race…. The NRA will make congressional race endorsements Oct. 1 or the following week, according to an association spokesman. She added that the | Read More »

    If Wishes Were Horses . . .

    . . . the Democratic Party members would all be riding side-saddle.  In an astonishing comparison, an Undemocratic Party operative lists the five reasons The Party and The Won will prevail in November.  Jim Kessler, committed socialist with The Third Way, a regressive thinktank, cast himself as the party Cassandra in 1994.  He believes that 1994 needn’t have happened if only the stupid speaker, Tom | Read More »

    Let’s shut the phone lines down: holding Perriello accountable for his promises.

    Tom Perriello, VA-5th, is currently undecided on Obamacare but PROMISED to vote no if abortion would be funded by tax-dollars. Let’s remind him to keep his word. Perriello is in a GOP + 10 district but still voted for the House bill after supporting the Stupak amendment. Since then, he has said several times that he will vote no on any bill that contains federal | Read More »