The Tragic Plight of Roman Polanski

    It was Sunday the 27th of September, and famous fugitive movie director, Roman Polanski, was arrested on a 30-year-old charge of sexual molestation. This led to a great uproar amongst the motion picture arts community. Who could possibly still want to put Polanski in jail? Faded-Starlet, Debra Winger, offered up a reaction that typified the mystification that sophisticated people felt over Roman Polanski’s detention. We | Read More »


    Tracy Abdur-Rasheed’s name sounds suspiciously Muslim but that can’t be since Muslims never prostitute themselves and, good grief, would never force their daughters to become hookers.  Anyway, Tracy had a party in Detroit the other night. Probably due to Republicans refusing, so far, to bail out the auto industry, Tracy threw the party to make ends meet while she waited for Congress to bail her out.  It wasn’t | Read More »