New NRCC Chair Pete Sessions says the magic word — Recruitment

    h/t Human Events’ John Gizzi. Pete Sessions is a tenacious conservative champion in the House, part of the growing conservative takeover in Washington, replacing Tom Cole as NRCC. The NRCC is in charge of the national GOP efforts toward recruitment of and fundraising for House candidates. In the exclusive Gizzi interview he emphasized “better fund-raising and delivering our message a lot better”, but did pledge | Read More »

    Pete Sessions (R-TX) Makes His Case

    Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions is running against Tom Cole (R-OK) for chairmanship of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). This is the letter he sent to his colleagues yesterday, seeking their support: November 10, 2008 Dear Republican Colleague: The challenges facing our Conference are serious and pressing. Across the country, we have suffered electoral setbacks that have emboldened left-wing special interest groups. Their legislative | Read More »

    Republican Shakeup

    There appears to be a pleasant Republican shake-up going up on Capitol Hill. After last election, Republicans re-elected the team that lost everything, minus the NRCC making Tom Cole (R-Ok.) the chairman. The Senate: National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee. According to Politico, current NRSC Chairman Senator John Ensign (R-NV) is moving to the Republican Policy Committee. This opens the seat up to a race between | Read More »

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