Deception: Situation Room Photo Staged

    AIM on Facebook | Twitter From Accuracy in Media ‘s Don Irvine: The photo of President Obama’s national security team watching the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound isn’t all that it appears to be. According to the Telegraph , CIA director Leon Panetta admitted that there was no live video footage of the raid as the specially mounted helmet cameras had been cut off. | Read More »

    Taking another look at the Scare Force One photo.

    This really is a pretty bad picture, isn’t it? I didn’t really take a look at it before, but Ann Althouse, Little Miss Attila, and Protein Wisdom Pub are all correct: that’s just a lousy photo. It looks better in smaller versions, for reasons which I’m sure are immediately obvious to professional photographers – but in the full-size version it looks like somebody dipped it | Read More »


    Wow. I thought I was angry.

    I was driving down Central Expressway in Dallas the other day when something caught my eye. It was a pickup truck in the center lane going about 20 mph slower than everyone else. The guy behind the wheel looked normal (then again, so did Jeffrey Dahmer). Written on the back windows of the truck in large letters was this: 21ST CENTURY SLAVERY IQ92 GOD D@#*M | Read More »

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