The Pickens Plan and Crony Capitalism

    I still find it strange when those who claim they believe in free enterprise, limited government, reducing government intervention in the marketplace and fiscal responsibility, suddenly take an “Everywhere but in my house” approach. I am referring to the more than 80 House Republicans, many of whom claim to be conservatives, who are co-sponsoring H.R. 1380, otherwise known as the Pickens Plan after Texas energy | Read More »

    The Best Laid Plans of Mice and T. Boone Pickens…

    H/T dennism It seems that oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens’ eponymous “Pickens Plan” to make the country energy independent while making Boone a gazillionaire has encountered a significant technical obstacle. Engineer’s have a term of art for that obstacle. They call it “reality”. Seems like ol’ Boone might need a $2 billion bailout.

    The Pickens Plan

    I’ve been hearing an awful lot about the Pickens Plan lately, and although I’m a little bit skeptical of its viability, I thought I’d attempt an objective look at what this former oil man is proposing. I’ve been to the site, and read through the proposal. I’m a little uncertain about his assertion that “oil production has peaked.” Suffice it to say that estimates of | Read More »

    The Other Kind of Environmentalist

    I am an environmentalist. I am. I primarily use two vehicles to go to work. One gets seventy miles per gallon. The other is a bicycle. Sometimes I walk to the market. Most of the lights in my house are fluorescent. My television rarely gets turned on; I read instead. I am a *conservative * environmentalist. To me, that means that I would rather convince | Read More »