I’m no president.

    I’m not the president, and I never will be.  I understand that it takes an awful lot of education, experience, wealth, friends, social status, and luck to become a president.  I’m sure I wouldn’t do a great job, and I’d have to quickly surround myself with people who knew much more than me. But I do have a sense of what’s right.  Our president doesn’t | Read More »

    The Pitiful Pirates of Pittance

    I realize that it’s politically incorrect to defend whaling, but as is often the case with political correctness, I just don’t care. “Captain” Paul Watson, head of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fleet has harassed the Japanese whaling fleet for years.  Discovery Networks even developed a show called “Whale Wars” around the exploits of his ships, the Bob Barker, Steve Irwin and Ady Gil.  The Ady Gil | Read More »

    ‘Capt.’ Paul Watson, COME ON DOWN! You’re the Grand Prize Winner in Bob Barker’s Animal Jihad!

    To call “Captain” Paul Watson an environmental extremist would be a gross understatement. Paul Watson was a founder of Greenpeace, but was booted out in the ’70s — for being too extreme! “Captain” Paul Watson proudly claims to be the inventor of “tree spiking”, a technique designed to maim loggers. He’s also served on the board of the Sierra Club, commonly thought of as a | Read More »

    Russian navy captures Somali pirates.

    The more, the merrier. Russia captures Somalia pirates A Russian warship has seized a pirate vessel with 29 people on board off the Somali coast, Russian news reports say. Guns and navigation equipment were found during a search of the pirate boat, officials were quoted as saying. Notably absent from this account – or this one, or this one – is any indication that the | Read More »

    Of Pirates and Publicity

    The Conservative side is rightly criticized for not offering positive solutions. Criticism is good, but solves little. Herein, some comments on piracy and other things. Nobody in Congress cares, although the Congress is charged (Article I, Section 8): To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations; To declare war, grant letters of marque and | Read More »

    Japanese to take more aggressive anti-piratical stance?

    Step by step – sometimes almost painfully so – the Japanese are getting themselves back into the game: Japan’s MPs back anti-piracy bill The lower house of Japan’s parliament has approved a bill to allow the country’s naval ships to take a bigger role in fighting pirates off Somalia. The bill will mean the navy can escort non-Japanese ships and use weapons for more than | Read More »

    Somali Pirates up the ante.

    As you probably noticed, I’ve been polite in reacting to the administration’s handling of the first wave of Somali piracy. This has been mostly out of pragmatism: like Jonah Goldberg and Ed Morrissey, my interest is in seeing dead or stopped pirates, and my generally low opinion of Democratic Presidents aside when it comes to setting foreign policy, this is actually one time when Obama’s | Read More »

    Obama’s piracy mission not accomplished

    My self-imposed 48 hours of patriotic celebration of the swift and flawless rescue of the Maersk Alabama ship, crew and captain by the US Navy under the command of the President of the United States, is now over. As promised, I will soon post a complete survey of the perilous Obama post-pirate Presidency (O.P.P.P) that America now faces, including a more complete review of the | Read More »

    Don’t you feel safer?

    I feel a whole lot safer knowing my Secretary of State are reverting to the Clinton appeasement era plan of negotiating with Muslim terrorists/pirates.  Wow!  I am sure the mullahs in Afghanistan are taking heed of this strong-arm approach. I love that we are treating piracy as a mere law enforcement matter, not an act of war on the United States.  I imagine Thomas Jefferson, | Read More »

    “How to Deal With Pirates”

    I wrote last week on the problem of the Somali pirates. Michael B. Oren, via the WSJ, has done an excellent job of documenting the history of the pirate problem in the Jeffersonian period and how we dealt with it then…and how that applies to today’s situation. Read it here.