Firing Boehner

    Ned Ryun is right: it’s time to fire Boehner.  According to him, we only need 16 votes to eliminate Boehner from the speakership, striking a major blow for conservatism and making a giant leap towards retaking the GOP for the Right.  This has become necessary due to Boehner’s recent declaration and acts of war against the conservative movement.  Such impudence must not go unpunished! Unlike defeating | Read More »

    Stupid Terrorist Tricks

    It has been reported that at least 40 al-Qaida terrorists have died from the plague in a training camp in Algeria. The report begs the question of how they contracted the deadly disease, which is believed to have been dormant for at least five years. Only relatively isolated outbreaks of the plague have been reported since The Third Pandemic in the middle of the 19th century, | Read More »