Response to a University’s newspaper commentary

    Ok, so the editor of the “Commentary” section posted an article claiming that Sen. McCain was profiting from the myths and misconceptions of his foreign policy experience. The writer claimed McCain was basing this expertise based upon 1) time as a POW; and 2) being to Iraq several times. Here is my response, hope y’all enjoy!!

    Sen.Obamas “health care dream”

    Hawaii Ending Universal Child Health Care After 7 Mos.Friday , October 17, 2008 ADVERTISEMENT HONOLULU — Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched. Gov. Linda Lingle’s administration cited budget shortfalls and other available health care options for eliminating funding for the program. A state official said families were dropping private coverage so | Read More »


    The 2nd Amendment Protects the 1st

    One of the days I look forward to each month is the day the latest issue of American Rifleman Magazine arrives. Yesterday I received the November issue, with the election emphasis naturally prominent. There was comprehensive information regarding the record of Obama & Biden on 2nd Amendment issues. I had to feel somewhat ashamed that I was unaware or had forgotten the scope of anti-gun | Read More »

    OK, America—Who are You Really Mad at?

    Jay Cost wrote in an excellent column that John McCain is a victim of the mortgage crisis. I believe that Cost is right, because the night before the mortgage crisis hit, Senator McCain was beating Senator Obama by an average of 3-5 points in the polls. What I can deduce from those previous polls is that when people originally compared McCain to Obama—pre-mortgage crisis—the majority | Read More »

    McCain Campaign Must Press Obama on Foreign Policy Naivete

    In August, 2007, while speaking at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars *in Washington, D.C., Senator Barack Obama indicated a willingness to invade Pakistan’s sovereign territory to pursue terrorists, whose location becomes known through “actionable intelligence.” Now, running from such a brazen statement, his campaign would quickly point out that such position was conditional — *only if *the terrorists were present in the mountains | Read More »

    Republicans and military men on John McCain

    Taken from a blog post in The Anchorage Daily News Republi

    The Problem with the Financial Crisis in America

    The problem with the financial crisis in America is not that it happened, but rather that we are trying to fix it the way we created it. The crisis was objectively caused by bad loans, the abundance of credit, and the plummet in home prices. Well, how do we get a plummet in home prices?

    Bush and Obama-Two peas from the same pod

    When German troops invaded Poland in 1939 to start World War II,an American diplomat said, “If I’d only had a chance to talk to Hitler,this could have been prevented” ! There are some diplomats and leaders so naive that they actually believe that. There is no need to talk to the Hitlers of the world. They perceive that as weakness in their adverary’s part. The | Read More »

    Palin-Biden debate

    **During their debate this week Senator Biden is sure to bring up Sarah Palin’s inexperience in foreign affairs. When he does, she must do what she has failed to do so far and that is to throw the charge right back in his face. She must turn to him and she must say to him, ” Senator,for your information four out of the last five | Read More »

    View From The North – Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience

    The media has mocked the “Alaska proximinty to Russia” so called gaffe. I have a question for military personnel and Redstste readers. When F-15’s are scambled from Elmendorf AFB to confront Russian bombers are those aircraft not Alaska Air National Guard and the Governor is the CINC of those forces. Would not Gov Palin then have sent forces to protect the US? Something Obama/Biden have | Read More »

    Obama is Going to lower taxes for 95% of Americans?

    One of the most often heard liberal talking points is that Barack Obama is going to cut taxes for 95% of Americans. Here are some numbers that I got of Rush Limbaugh’s web site, but the source of the information is from the IRS: The top 1% of earners pay 39% of all income taxes The top 25% pay 86% of all federal income taxes | Read More »

    The World Report

    George Washington said in his farewell address that the United States must avoid intrusion into foreign affairs. That we mustn’t allow ourselves to get wrapped up in issues that do not concern us; but instead involve other nations. I wonder what George Washington would say about our role in the today’s world. I often struggle with that question myself; as a strong believer in America | Read More »

    ATR Forms 60 Member Coalition Opposing “Gang of Ten” Compromise

    Today, Americans for Tax Reform released a coalition letter signed by 60 national and state think-tanks, advocacy groups, blogs and other organizations (including Red who are opposed to the so-called “Gang of Ten” bi-partisan energy compromise. Why are the nations leading national and grassroots advocacy groups opposed? Well…because the compromise is nothing short of a complete failure of Senate Republicans to support their House | Read More »

    Side by side energy policy comparison

    A brief breakdown in approximate descending order of importance: Offshore drilling – McCain supports in light of energy crisis. Before the energy crisis he opposed it. Obama supports it as of last week, but it is not clear why. He stated that it would be necessary to reach compromise with Republicans. He has since hedged his commitment to offshore drilling a bit stating that it | Read More »

    Do Nothing Congress is the answer

    If you can access it, Investor’s Business Daily has an editorial today called “One Way to Get More Oil: Do Nothing”. Google it and read it. We just need our congressional leaders to do nothing before 10/1/2008 if Thomas Pyle the author has his facts straight! Based upon my 48 years of experiencing life among libs, I’d say this may be very possible!!!

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