News Flash: Obama Sucks At His Job

    Via Drudge, the Telegraph is reporting that Obama’s Poll numbers have dropped farther and faster than any President on record over the last 50 years. Apparently, people think he’s doing a lousy job. The failed and failing Presidency of Barack Obama appears to know no bounds when it comes to showing a lack of leadership, a fundamental inability to understand the plight of the people | Read More »

    Un-American Mobsters and Other Undesirables

      Well now the leadership of the democratic party is calling anyone against the Healthcare or Health Insurance Reform Bill or whatever the new PC name it is, are now being called; Nazis, un-American, mobsters and evil mongers. WOW I can’t believe the problem they are having against the American people. OK actually I can believe it. Because they have no clue about Americans. One | Read More »

    Obama’s approval down significantly in Ohio

    Cross-posted at Wellsy’s World. National Review Online highlights a Quinnipiac poll showing President Barack Obama is getting a mediocre 49%-44% approval/disapproval rating among Ohioans, down from 62%-31% in early May. As this is my home state, I’m particularly interested in how the state polls, not to mention that Ohio is always an important bellwether state for national politics. Ohio’s economy continues to suffer as the American | Read More »

    Rasmussen Prsidential Approval index @ 0!!!

    Obama’s Presidential Approval index has for the first time reached 0.  Where strongly approve and strongly disapprove are subtracted from the other.  His overall approval rating is at 54%.  I think every time he goes off shore and makes some really stupid comments or bows to other leaders the public has the international media to cover, so the synchophants here don’t have a chance to | Read More »