The Dawn of the Idiocracy

    Back in January, someone- no fan of Obama- commissioned a poll by Zogby Polling of unabashed Obama supporters.  By supporters, he meant people who voted for Obama.  It should be stated from the start that the researcher set out with an agenda.  But, the results are no less revealing in my opinion.  Critics immediately claimed bias because the poll was not replicated with McCain voters/supporters.  | Read More »

    Things Looking Up For The GOP?

    One may well think so after having read this: Just as the economic news was relentlessly negative until the last few days, poll numbers for Republicans were horrific for months. So the GOP should be heartened by the first encouraging polling news it has received perhaps since Lehman Brothers defaulted in mid-September: Republicans have pulled even with Democrats on the generic congressional ballot test, according | Read More »

    Zogby to report a 50% approval rating for Obama tomorrow.

    Although there is a fairly massive caveat there: The honeymoon is over, a national poll will signal tomorrow as President Obama’s job approval stumbles to about 50 percent over the lack of improvement with the crippled economy. The sobering numbers come as the president backpedals from two prime-time gaffes – one comparing his bowling score to a Special Olympian and another awkwardly laughing about the | Read More »

    President Obama and Governor Strickland’s popularity dropping in Ohio

    As voters get to see President Obama and Ohio Governor Strickland respond to the economic tough times their impressions of the two leaders change.  Both are seeing their poll numbers drop. The Dayton Daily News had the Strickland story yesterday.  And the truth of the matter is that Strickland’s handling of the economy was never that popular.  But the Quinnipiac poll has some interesting numbers: | Read More »

    The American public discovers that (gasp) Obama is a LIBERAL

    Opinion polls ratings for the Prez continue to dive.  All the major polling groups are showing a shrinking approval-to-disapproval ratio.  Today Pew Research, Gallup and CNN all published new numbers, and all showed significant slips. The Pew polling showed a rather amusing result: Pew attributes Obama’s slippage in its poll to a change in public perception about his political leanings, with respondents saying by 44 | Read More »

    Americans: Economy will recover when Obama is defeated

    Despite his approval ratings, latest polling data shows most Americans want Obama gone in four years.

    Read More »

    Jim Tedisco Leads by 12 In NY-20 Poll

    This is the latest polling in the race to succeed Kirsten Gillibrand: The first independent poll in the special House election to replace now-Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) shows that Republicans have a strong chance of taking back Gillibrand’s upstate seat.

    Mythbusting–Presidential Polls Edition

    Can we stop saying that Barack Obama is an especially popular President? Because it’s just not true. Oh, to be sure, the President will receive a boost in the polls thanks to his non-State of the Union address, but said bump will likely be temporary and it does not disguise the fact that the President is not nearly as popular as commentators make him out | Read More »

    Americans Trust Themselves on the Economy More Than Obama

    Yes We Can! Forty-nine percent (49%) of U.S. voters trust their own judgment more than President Obama’s when it comes to the economic issues affecting the nation.

    Don’t Listen to the Polls, Nancy. You’re Doing a Heckuva Job.

    I’ll let Rasmussen set it up: Democrats are still trusted more than Republicans to handle the economy by a 44% to 39% margin, but their advantage on the issue has been slipping steadily since November… In the first poll conducted after Barack Obama was elected president, the Democrats held a 15-point lead over the GOP on economic issues. In December, their lead dropped to 12 | Read More »

    On The Polls And The Obamaian Stimulus Package

    Most of the headlines suggest that Barack Obama’s stimulus package enjoys wide and deep support among the populace. Russell Roberts points out that things are a little more complicated than that. Just out of curiosity, why is it that a mainstream journalist has not appeared to notice the same thing?

    Exit Polls

    I have been traveling all day, to Washington DC of all places, and am watching the news and exit polls for the first time. It seems that many of the exit polls seem to be favorable to McCain/Palin. Hopefully that will bring good news later tonight.

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    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 4, 2008 go to polls today in historic election send lawyers to watch polls Thousands volunteer to watch for possible irregularities the Plumber says McCain’s chances slim probe aid directed to ACORN hit polls in battleground Virginia keeps watch on fraud Taking everything on blind faithMaria Stainer Assistant Managing Editor Continuous News Desk The Washington Times

    Vote With Your Mind…

    Indiana polls opened at 6:00 this morning, and I headed out the door at 6:10 to go cast my ballot. I arrived at the polling location just three minutes later (it’s just around the corner), and had to park at the Doctor’s office across the street because the school parking lot was full and cars were already lined up along the street.I crossed the street | Read More »

    Polling Non-Response Rates

    I have been wondering about a unique factor in this year’s polling data. Since a large fraction of people pollsters call refuse to participate, how do pollsters compensate for different response rates from supporters of different candidates?For example, Obama supporters are enthusiastic about him and may want to brag about supporting him, therefore his supporters may be more likely to want to be polled. However, | Read More »