A Healthy Trend in Pennsylvania

    I can’t tell you who’s going to win Pennsylvania tomorrow, but it seems rather likely that whoever takes the state is probably going to win the White House as well. And if you’re the McCain campaign, the direction of the polls in the state seems to be pretty clear: Take a look at the most recent polls in Pennsylvania: Rasmussen shows McCain shaving a point | Read More »

    Fox News/Rasmussen State Polls: McCain tied everywhere!

    Here for the details OH: 49-49 Tied FL: 50-49 McCain MO: 49-49 Tied NC: 50-49 McCain CO: 51-47 Obama VA: 51-47 Obama I think this is Fox and Rasmussen’s CYA poll. If he wins, they can say that undecideds broke for McCain and that Obama’s poll numbers were overestimated within the margin of error. Ha.

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    26 Reasons McCain Will Win

    The Obama campaign is a typical Democrat operation. Every four years, the Dems assume that Americans are sheep, that they are dazzled by people like Obama, that they are grasping at straws and will vote for anyone who says “change”, that they believe that Obama can fix everything. The Obama campaign is wrong. Here are 26 reasons McCain will win. Each is a chink in | Read More »

    McCain’s path to victory?

    So, 48 hours from now, we should have a good idea of whether John McCain pulled off the impossible. So how does he do that? Let’s take a look at the “dire” RCP state averages. If we assume McCain wins the states he is leading in, that is 185 electoral votes. This means he captures “battlegrounds” AZ, MT, GA, IN, and MO. Further, let’s look | Read More »

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    The Strategy of Defeatism

    All day long I have listened to Fox News and their “analysts” bemoaning the latest polls and what they mean, state by state, and, in some cases, county by county. Having examined the methodologies of the major pollsters, I must say I greet their numbers with skepticism. Why? First, the pollsters do not just ask the potential voter for whom they plan to vote. There | Read More »

    Will You have a Friend in Penn

    Penn State… here’s what CAN happen, You vote to Spread the weatlh, the tourists just don’t come.. They can’t afford the gas, nor hotels (that will probably close) or the shoefly pies. The Amish living starts to get clearer, not that natural resources are bad in any way. Horses are cheaper, much more work.Candlelight will cost less than the electricity increases and taxes will rise | Read More »

    IBD/TIPP: Obama 47, McCain 45

    Most accurate pollster in 2004 says it’s a two point race. Obama 47, McCain 45 Fear not, my friends.

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    For All You Folks Who Read Polls, Read This!

    This is rather long but worth the read.http://www.wizbangblog.com/content/2008/11/01/funky-gallup.php It will give you some insight into what is wrong with the polls. GOTV!

    New Mason Dixon Polls Look Pretty Good

    Per RCP, Mason Dixon has polls this AM showing McCain up 2 in OH (first poll showing that in a while), up 3 in NC (whew) and only down 3 in VA (he’s going to win here, but this is the closest he has been in a long time in any poll – yesterday 2 polls had him down 4). Mason Dixon also has him | Read More »


    Winning the Election vs. Winning the Polls: Possible vs. Impossible

    Many of us have been carefully watching for McCain to move ahead in this year’s national polling. However, we must realize that based on the turnout assumptions underlying all of these polls, it is nearly impossible for McCain to move ahead. That does not mean that the election is out of reach. This year’s polling assumes a turnout model that, if it were to hold | Read More »

    Smooth Operator?

    With all the new events surrounding the recent uncovered stories of the Obama campaign, I have come to the notion, no one seems to care what surrounds this candidate.His past, nor present news, seem to be relevant to anyone. They seem to lean upon this news with deaf ears.While out on Halloween with my kids, I asked questions to the Democratic voters with signs on | Read More »

    Is America on ‘The Wrong Track’?

    Time and time again, we are told that Americans believe that our nation is on ‘the wrong track’. Even before the recent financial crisis, this was said to be true. So let’s consider how we got to this ‘wrong track’ idea in the first place. First, the media have been emphasizing and cultivating ‘wrong track’ for years for one reason only: In order to smear | Read More »

    URGENT: In One Day Polling, McCain Leads Obama 48%-47%

    I know it’s only a one-point lead, and the experts are predicting a pretty blue electoral map next Tuesday, but should we be getting excited? I’ve let you guys and gals know that I had a period where I was getting down a month ago or so about the polls, and I apologized. And another thanks to all of you here at RedState (my new | Read More »


    Cheer yourself up McCain supporters, It’s O.K. to be very optimistic! http://hotair.com/archives/2008/10/31/team-mccain-conference-call-polling-2/ Now don’t let up and GOTV because our country depends on it!

    GOP internal polling … McCain landslide? (grain of salt / feel good alert)

    This was posted to Free Republic this morning. While I think the numbers are exaggerated, I think it reflects what some of what Republican volunteers have been saying from the phone banks. A regular caller to the Quinn and Rose radio program, “Carl from Ohio,” who claims to be involved in the McCain campaign’s internal polling operation (I know, I know …), says that unless | Read More »