The Pope, Inequality and Social Evil

    Pope Francis raised a few eyebrows today with a post that equated inequality with social evil. Some called for equal pay and labor unions (because of course they would) and some called the man a communist (because of course they would). But, are his thoughts really out of line with both Catholicism and society at large? The problem with a broad statement like the tweet | Read More »

    Pelosi, Biden To Visit New Pope

    Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and a contingent of others will be attending Pope Francis’s Inaugural mass on Tuesday, March 19th. Some pundits can’t understand why some Catholics have a problem with that.

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    Respecting the Office

    As a Catholic and a news junkie, I’d been keeping up with the goings on of the Church for a while. And the last several days have been exciting. Now that the Church has a new leader in Pope Francis (not Francis I, since there is no Francis II), we can sit back, relax and let things return to a sense of normalcy, right? Ha | Read More »

    BBC nearly screens ballet of nun-raping Pope.

    Even the BBC appears to have limits. I was appalled this evening to read that the British publicly supported broadcast system had planned to screen ballet of a hunchbacked Pope who rapes both nuns and eunichs. The BBC has abandoned plans to screen a ballet featuring a deformed Pope who rapes nuns that it had announced as one of the highlights of its Christmas schedule. | Read More »

    Principles mean more than favorability to the Pope? Heaven forbid!

    Originally on The Point. Pope Benedict XVI has sparked international outrage with his statements regarding his rejection of using condoms to fight the AIDS epidemic. From time to time I see this happen, and I never understand why people suddenly act outraged at teachings the Catholic Church has always held. The Catholic Church rejects the use of condoms because they create a barrier to life | Read More »

    Today’s Headlines — Nov. 19, 2008 EXCLUSIVE: Intel panel foresees lesser U.S. role EXCLUSIVE: Steele chastises ‘country club’ GOP Obama eyes posts for Cleland, Holder Auto bailout could stall on the Hill Democrats let Lieberman keep post Pope names Bowie priest bishop in D.C. Maria Stainer Assistant Managing Editor Continuous News The Washington Times

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    Pope to Biden: End the greed, beware of idolatry

    I do not mean to make light of (my) Pontiff’s words, however considering Senator Biden’s latest gimmick — a release of his tax records, I had to draw his profound lack of charitable giving into comparison. Regarding Pope Benedict’s “idolatry” comments, well I’ll leave it for Sen. Biden to ensure he doesn’t fall any further for The One. As seen above (and noted here by | Read More »