Population Freefall by 2050 is Now Almost Certain

        With a world population higher than 7 billion, it’s only a matter of time before the decrease, in the increase, is fully realized. Then population “maximum” can be calculated. Even the United Nation population increases are beginning to fall slowly, but faster as time proceeds. Unfortunately, mankind will realize too late the population freefall bound to occur, will be unstoppable. Unfortunately, man has | Read More »

    By 2030 Population to Start Dropping Like a Rock

    According to a UN 2009 revised population forecast, world population will peak at around 7 billion in 2030, and begin to fall. How can that be? In 1980, world population was forecast to be significantly higher by 2030. Many plagues and Epidemics have culled population from the earliest times. The worst were the Plague of Justinian(Byzantine Empire/541–542 AD), Black Death(1347), Great Plague(1665), oriental Bubonic Plague(1894), | Read More »

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    Islam Wants Control Worldwide

    Having observed this country accept people from all races,nationalities  has made America a strong and proud land ,but also one that today as we watch the news,see the changes in our government and it’s leaders we need to be awake and be aware of one group of immigrants in particular.Sadly so it is the Muslim’s that now are not just immigrating to all countries in | Read More »

    New Michigan Census Data: Don’t Blame the Big 3

    Cross-posted on Right Michigan at www.RightMichigan.com. We know we’ve got a pretty rough set of economic conditions here in Michigan.  We have a broken budget, a corrupt and criminal leadership in Detroit, an ineffective (bordering on goofy) (lack of) leadership in Lansing and a Governor who seems more interested in shooting economic recovery in the foot than in giving it a welcoming home.  Oh, and | Read More »