Powell Endorses Obama. Who Endorses Romney from the Military?

    There was a recent media frenzy when Obama announced that General Colin Powell endorsed him for President. The NY Times helpfully noted that Mr. Powell said he supported Mr. Obama in part because he is ending the war in Afghanistan and has a strong counter-terrorism record. “There’s some very, very strong neo-conservative views that are presented by the governor that I have some trouble with,” | Read More »

    Colin Powell Outs Himself on CNN’s ‘State of the Union’

    Colin Powell reportedly defended Obama supreme court nominee Sonja Sotomayor saying that she has, “an open and liberal bent of mind, but that’s not disqualifying.” In so saying, Powell has revealed that he himself is a defender of the liberal definition of affirmative action and the “reverse racism” (read racial prejudice against people who happen to have white skin) policies of the Democrats.  Therefore, even | Read More »

    Colin Powell – A Prison Tale

    One guess as to why Colin Powell says he’s “still a Republican.” In case you didn’t guess right, here’s your answer. He doesn’t want to be treated like Arlen Specter! To put it gingerly, Specter got “punked in” to the Democrat Party. Thus we begin—A Prison Tale! http://theblacksphere.blogspot.com/2009/05/colin-powell-prison-tale.html?awesm=a2a.me_7bc&utm_campaign=addtoany&utm_content=a2a&utm_medium=a2a.me-twitter&utm_source=twitter.com

    Obama’s Camp Followers

    A camp follower is a term used to identify civilians who follow in the wake of armies or service their needs whilst encamped, in order to sell goods or services that the military does not supply. These can include cooking, laundering, liquor, nursing, sexual services . . . Camp Followers of the American Revolution by Walter Blumenthal. “Rush will not get his wish and Mr. | Read More »

    (Cartoon) – Depends on your point of view

    Colin Powell Not A big Enough Draw, USAService.org Schedules Bush Shoe Toss to Drum Up Volunteers

    Colin Powell, who had a press conference today announcing “his” new site, USA Service.org.  The site portends to be a site where Powell is “inviting” people to volunteer to “serve” their neighbors.  The site is  actually being run by Blue State Digital, the same shop that ran MYBarack Obama and now the Change.gov succeror to MYBO. Cute, they had scheduled a “Bush Shoe Toss” and | Read More »

    Murtha: Western PA has gone from really redneck to partially redneck

    A few weeks ago, US Congressman and Libeler Jack Murtha said that “his racist constituents” were going to cost Barack Obama 4 points in the Keystone state. He later apologized for those remarks most likely because he is in a competitive campaign for re-election. Well good old Baghdad Jack went and tried to clarify his remarks. He noted that “5 to 10 years ago the | Read More »

    It’s Totally Not Because He’s Black

    Colin Powell finally comes out and endorses Barack Obama on, as Mark Levin calls it, “Meet the Depressed.” His reasoning for endorsing Barack Obama seems like it’s in another language. Now you may be asking yourself what he’s saying. For example he asserts that Obama would be an “exceptional president.” Is this French? Swahili? Mandarin? Nay my friends, this language is called delusional racism and | Read More »

    Truth is Powell trying to gain a position in an Obama administration

    Truth is Powell is angling for a position in an Obama administration. Obviously, he weighed on his options well. I only hope that McCain will win this election for the good of the country. On a side note, Obama’s experimentation with socialism will cost this nation more than $700 billion dollars. Lot more than 700 billion dollars. What happened on Wall Street is because of | Read More »


    Joe Lieberman to bolt Dems?

    Lee Cary over at American Thinker wrote Lieberman’s Carpe Diem Time Has Come If Obama wins the election, Joe the Plumber will be joined by another “Joe.” Joe the Outcast. Lieberman has to know he’ll be summarily drummed out of the Democrat corps in retribution for his support of McCain. I’m of the mindset that this would have an impact but would be termed a | Read More »

    Questions for Colin Powell

    As one of America’s most respected generals, you were instrumental in torpedoing the Clinton Administration’s gays-in-the-military policy? What is Obama’s position on this subject? As one of America’s most respected generals, how do you feel about the far left’s assault on our military forces, and their support for Obama? As one of America’s more mediocre Secretaries of State, how do you feel about your sales | Read More »

    Powell’s judgment is not solid

    Powell sold the war to us yet he supports the Senator who opposed the successful surge Powell is the same person who endorsed George W. Bush and he sold the war to the American public. So, his judgment is in question. Powell said an inexperienced governor from Texas is the leader America needs. Look what happened. We cannot show any respect for his endorsement of | Read More »

    Affirmative Action At The Highest Level

    So Colin Powell has endorsed Obama. Let’s see, Powell is pro-abortion. So is Obama. Powell is pro-affirmative action. So is Obama. Powell has stated repeatedly that tax policy should ensure fairness. Obama likewise wants to “spread the wealth.” The endorsement of Obama only demonstrates what unpaid prognosticators could have told those million dollar a year experts years ago. Powell never was a Republican. He has | Read More »

    Powell’s Endorsement, from a military point of view

    That’s about how shocking General Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama is, least it should be. Senator Lieberman, a moderate Democrat, endorsed Senator McCain and we all know how much of a staunch conservative Republican he is. In 1995, Colin Powell was seen, again as a potential running mate for Senator Bob Dole. However, Bob Dole would respond to the idea with the following (quoting the | Read More »

    So what? and So what?

    I shed no tears over the Powell endorsement. He is the wimpiest, most indecisive general we’ve had in my lifetime (back to Korean War) and a turncoat in the Bush administration, and to Republicans in general. And to you democrats who wish to gloat about this decision, how can you call him an “Uncle Tom” while he’s serving in one of the two loftiest positions | Read More »