Democrats with no clue, Obama Pelosi Reid Dodd Franks

    They got us into this mess so why won’t the voters get rid of them? McCain and Palin should put names and faces with the mess our country is in. From the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Housing Crisis, Credit Crisis, Feds Management Crisis, National Security Crisis, Two Wars! and last the dismal approval ratings of this do nothing Congress. I’m sorry actually they have done something, | Read More »

    Even CNN Senses Something Special

    “There’s something happening here. What it is aint exactly clear. We better stop, hey, what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down.” – Buffalo Springfield The magnetism and popularity of Sarah Palin can no longer be denied. This article from CNN acknowledging Sarah’s grass roots appeal is a triumph. Still, CNN seems insistent that her popularity is limited to the base. This is bogus. The | Read More »

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    And Sarah Palin Breaks Another Record

    Sarah Palin breaks another rally record. The New England Patriots blow out another team on Monday Night Football. So, what’s new. 22,000 people attended a rally in little Grand Junction, Colorado. It’s kind of like an Obama rally except that Sarah gets no media support; Sarah is only the vice presidential candidate; Sarah supporters actually have jobs and families; and Sarah supporters are not zombies. | Read More »

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    Wonderful MSNBC Video on Sarah Palin, Seriously

    I’m not sure if this has been posted yet. If it has, it is worthy of being posted twice. Let the liberals wear their “Sarah Palin is a C—” shirts and spew their typical ugly venom. We will just forward this video to independents and undecided voters and let them judge for themselves: This is an amazing woman doing amazing things. It would be grand | Read More »

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    My Gal Sarah Is Still At It; Kicking Butt And Taking Names

    Fresh off her boffo debate performance, Sarah came out guns blazing in an interview with Fox this morning. I love this. But I must admit I am on a single-minded mission to keep Sarah on the front page. Sarah came out and stated point blank today that Barack Obama is not qualified to be Commander in Chief. She has never been this aggressive and neither | Read More »

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    Great News; Sarah Palin is FREE

    According to Bill Kristol, John McCain is upset at Palin’s handlers. It appears they are pursuing a new course and are preparing to unleash her as a combative conservative for the debate. I assume this is the role she will assume for the stretch run. In light of the bailout, unapologetic Palin populism should resonate well. The public will be excited to hear from a | Read More »

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